Arabidopsis thaliana picture     Arabidopsis thaliana picture in greenhouse


Understanding the relationship between DNA sequence and phenotype remains one of the biggest challenges in modern genetics. Even more interesting is the phenomena of robust phenotypes—the observation that traits can withstand disruptions to DNA sequence or the macro- and microenvironment. Our research at the Lachowiec Lab investigates the robustness of certain phenotypes in the face of genetic mutations and environmental change.

Behind this research are students applying various techniques and ideas to increase understanding of genetic complexities. We are committed to creating a supportive and creative environment to work on compelling questions, whose answers may have direct impacts in Montana and beyond.

Using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model, our lab is currently focusing on investigating the following questions:
1. What molecular mechinisms are responsible for modulating robustness?
2. How do gene regulatory networks protect phenotype expression?
3. How are genetic pertubations propagated or buffered to result in phenotypic variation?

 Photo of our Post-Farm plot taken via drone flyover.

A photo of a plot at the Arthur H. Post Research Farm taken via drone flyover in May 2019. Subsequent photos will help analyze wheat emergence during the spring season.