DiscoverMagazine listed the finding that the universe is 78 billion light years across as one of the top 100 discoveries in 2004 and recognized Neil Cornish of MSU for his involvement. Cornish is also part of an American Museum of Natural History exhibit that recently went online. Cornish explains gravitational waves and two projects to measure them - the Big Bang Observatory and the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna - on the American Museum of Natural History’s web site. Click here for the MSU NEWS ARTICLE, which also ran in the Billings Gazette (12/22/04). The Helena Independent Record did their own story on 12/31/04.

An MSU News story on the lake trout research of Ecology professor Christopher Guy and graduate student Mike Meeuwig was picked up by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (11/29/04).

Mark Taper’s (Ecology) book, The Nature of Scientific Evidence, reviewed in Science Magazine (11/26/04).

Henrietta Mann featured in Missoulian article, "Educator Walks in Two Worlds," in Billings Gazette (11/26/04).

David Large (History) quoted in Reuters article on Berlin (11/25/04).

Leah Schmalzbauer (Sociology) is mentioned in several national and international articles for her work with Honduran immigrant families: New York Times (11/24/04), International Herald Tribune (11/24/04), Seattle Post Intelligencer

Henrietta Mann (NAS) is quoted in a national story distributed by the LeeNews Bureau about the National Museum of the American Indian: Corvallis, Oregon Gazette-Times

David Varricchio’s (Earth Sciences) research about the discover of an intact dinosaur nesting site indicated a protective, parenting posture among adult dinosaur as they cared for their young made world-wide news. I Africa, South African News (9/22/04), Washington Post (9/12/04), CBC Health and Science News (9/27/04)

John Miller’s (Cell Biology and Neuroscience) collaborative work on a cockroach-like robot also made national news. The National Science Foundation funded a $5 million, five year that included PI Robert Full of UC-Berkeley and professors from Cornell, Princeton and the University of Michigan, as well as MSU. UC Berkeley News (9/16/04)

Trevor Douglas (Chemistry) works with Temple researchers studying protein structures as they design and assemble metal oxide nanoparticles that could be used in environmental remediation. Science Daily (9/1/04)

Cathy Whitlock (Earth Sciences) was featured in the September issue of National Geographic. The article, entitled "Time Signs: Now What?," discusses Whitlock’s research on climate change.