History professor Brett Walker’s new book, The Lost Wolves of Japan, published by the University of Washington Press, was reviewed in The Chronicle of Higher Education(11/4/2005). It was previously reviewed, also favorably, by the Houston Chronicle in Julyl 2005.

Leah Schmalzbauer, Sociology, was quoted in this Bozeman Daily Chronicle article (8/8) about Big Sky’s Mexican immigrant community.

Medical News Today (7/17) ran an article on the research of Physics professor Loren Acton and a group of scientists and students

Gwen Jacobs, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, discusses the role of academic e-notebooks and the NeuroSys neuroscience system in an article in the July issue of Nature.

The research team led by former MSU graduate student Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University that recently found soft tissue in fossilized dinosaur bones reported another exciting discovery in the June 3rd issue of Science magazine. Along with co-author John Horner of MSU’s Museum of the Rockies, Schweitzer reported that the same T. rex has yielded unusual bone tissue that shows that the animal was an ovulating female. Until now, distinguishing the sex of dinosaurs has been impossible without well-preserved pelvic bones. New York Times (6/3)

Economics professor John Antle is quoted in this article (6/10) about research by the Consortium for Agricultural Soils Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (CASMGS), a consortium of nine universities and one national laboratory assembled to investigate the potential of agricultural soils to mitigate greenhouse gases.

Political Science professor Jerry Calvert speaks of his recommendations for reforming the Montana legislature in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (6/10).

The research of Adrienne Ohler, who received a master’s degree in economics from this spring as well as an MSU Graduate Achievement Award, has been featured in several national news sources. Ohler studied prescription drug pricing in 13 Montana communities for her thesis and found reduced price variation in Montana communities with a higher percentage of senior citizens. Ohler’s findings were featured on the web at Newswise and SeniorJournal.com, and in print in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (5/21) and Billings Gazette (5/15).

An AP article about the Cox Foundation’s refusal to help fund a University of Montana project fetaured an interview with Political Science professor Jerry Johnson. The article was featured on Newsday.com,ABC News’ website, the Winston-Salem Journal, and many other newspapers and websites across the nation.

Promethea Pythaitha, a Mathematical Sciences major, is MSU’s youngest graduate ever. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle article was picked up AP News and featured in the Helena Independent Record, AZCentral.com, and Spokane’s Spokesman Review.

Rick Stroup, Economics, was quoted in an article on the link between income and environmental quality: National Review Online (4/22/05)

An interview with John Thompson, assistant professor of Spanish, appeared in La Voz de Galicia (4/14/05) the most widely sold newspaper of the Autonomous Community of Galiza. Thompson was interviewed about his work on Galizan novels about the Spanish Civil War.

The Billings Gazette (4/7/05) ran a story on Jenny Sika’s sage grouse population research. Sika is a master’s candidate in the Ecology department’s Fish and Wildlife Management program.

Sara Young, director of the American Indian Research Opportunities (AIRO) program, was featured in a Christian Science Monitor article about teenagers in Indian communities (3/29/05).

Paleontologists Mary Higby Schweitzer, from North Caroloina State University and formerly of Montana State University, and Jack Horner, curator of paleontology at MSU, produced the latest major discovery in dinosaur paleontology. Read the MSU News Article and AP articles published in the San Francisco Chronicle (3/25/05), the Birmingham Post Herald (3/25/05), the Azertac of the Republic of Azerbaijan (3/26/05), the Boston Globe (3/29/05), the New York Times (3/25/05), and the Washington Post (3/25/05)

English professor Robert Bennett’s research interest in popular culture featured in Billings Gazette article (from MSU News story.)

Franke Wilmer (Political Science) appointed by Governor Brian Schweitzer as the chairwoman of the Montana Human Rights Commission. Helena Independent Record and MSU News).

John Peters (Chemistry), quoted in an article in Chemical and Engineering News (2/14/05) on the synthesis of an inorganic complex very similar to the catalytic iron-sulfur core of bacterial hydrogenase.

Mark Taper (Ecology) was mentioned in a Missoulian article (2/3/05) citing his research on Olympic marmot population issues.

The Billings Gazette picked up an MSU News article about the research Dave Klumpar (Physics) and two students recently carried out in the Artic. (1/29/05)

Ecology professor Robert Garrott comments on Governor Schweitzer’s bison management proposal in the Billings Gazette (1/19/05).