Highlights from 2016

Research by Jordy Hendrikx, earth sciences, and Jerry Johnson, political science, on the human factors in avalanches was featured in the New York Times. New York Times (12/29/16), ABC Fox Montana (12/30/16)

Article about Matthew Byerly's work addressing suicide in Montana. Byerly is the director of the Center for Mental Health Research and Recovery at MSU and a faculty member in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (10/26/16)

Marsha Small, an instructor in the Department of Native American Studies, is quoted in this article about Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations. Public News Service (10/10/16)

Nicol Rae, dean of the College of Letters and Science, participated in a Burton K. Wheeler Center conference on “Divisiveness in Democracy.” He is quoted in this article about the conference in the Independent Record. Independent Record (9/10/16)

David Parker, political science, is quoted in this Mother Jones article about refugees in Montana becoming a political issue in the 2016 gubernatorial race. Mother Jones (9/6/16)

David Parker, political science, is interviewed by Jeremy Hobson in for NPR's "Here and Now." They discuss how Montana is a traditionally red state that could turn blue. WBUR (8/23/16)

This MarketWatch article discusses an article co-authored by Carly Urban, economics, about mandating financial education in grades K-12 in the U.S. MarketWatch (8/19/16)

Christopher Guy, an affiliate professor in the Department of Ecology and Assistant Unit Leader of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, comments on the the mass fish kill of whitefish in the Yellowstone River. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (8/15/16)

In this Montana Standard article, David Parker, political science, comments on the race for the U.S. House of Representatives between incumbent Ryan Zinke and challenger Denise Juneau. Montana Standard (7/18/16)

David Parker, political science, is quoted in this story about Native American nations and political empowerment. Flathead Beacon (6/25/16)

Economist Vincent Smith contributed to this WalletHub article on the health of the U.S. economy. WalletHub (6/7/16)

David Parker, political science, is quoted in this news story about the state of Montana's economy and the race for governor. Scottsbluff Star Herald (2/28/16), Great Falls Tribune (2/28/16)

The local ABC/FOX affiliate picked up this MSU News article about Matt Taylor, microbiology and immunology, and his lab's discovery of several previously unknown pieces in the puzzle of how viruses spread using a model based on the common Herpes Simplex virus that causes cold sores. ABC/FOX Montana (2/16/16)

Neil Cornish, a MSU astrophysicist and co-director of MSU's eXtreme Gravity Institute, was part of a team of scientists who proved the existence of gravitational waves. Billings Gazette (2/12/16), NBC Montana (2/11/16), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (2/11/16)

Holly Fretwell, economics, is interviewed for this article about the movement to transfer the ownership of Western public lands to the states. The American Spectator (2/8/16)

Joseph Janzen, economics, is quoted in this AgWeek article about the booming pea and lentil business in Montana. AgWeek (2/8/16)

David Parker, political science, is quoted in this article about Montana Democrats’ attempts to label gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte as an outsider. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (2/6/16)

David Parker, political science, is interviewed for these articles about Denise Juneau's plans to run against first-term Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke for Montana’s only U.S. House seat. KAJ18 (2/2/16), Billings Gazette (2/2/16)

Robert Garrott, ecology, is quoted in this article about plans by the National Park Service to cull Yellowstone National Park's bison herd. Nature World News (2/1/16)

The local news station KXLF picked up this MSU News story about Raina Plowright, microbiology and immunology, and her work studying worldwide bat mortality. KXLF (1/21/16)

Robert Garrott, ecology, is featured in this news story about a five-year study aimed at growing Montana's bighorn sheep population. KTVM (1/18/16)

Scott Creel, ecology, is the lead author on a paper that was published in the journal Science. In the paper, Creel and 13 other scientists with backgrounds in large carnivore research call on state wildlife management agencies to set "clearly defined, quantitative policy goals" for wolf management. Billings Gazette (1/8/16), Missoulian