CORE 2.0

27-30 credits

LS 101US, Ways of Knowing (3 credits) is recommended

Liberal Studies Requirement

12 credits

One additional course each in the Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

LS 301, Integrative Seminar (*optional)

1 credit

(may be taken 3 times)

Quaternity Option (on campus and online degree completion)

56 credits

Foreign language competence at an elementary level

6-8 credits

Fine arts courses

12 credits

Humanities courses

12 credits

Natural sciences or mathematics courses

12 credits

Social sciences courses

12 credits

Environmental Studies Option

59 credits

Foundation Courses
BIOB 170, ERTH 101, GPHY 121, PHIL 332, STAT 216

17 credits

Public policy courses

21 credits

Natural sciences courses

21 credits

Global and Multicultural Studies Option

50 credits

Foreign language competence at an intermediate level

9-11 credits

Global and multicultural courses

27 credits

Area studies courses

12 credits

LS 499 (formerly 401), Senior Project

4 credits


  1. Total of 120 credits required for graduation (at least 45 as a declared LS major)
  2. 42 credits must be upper division (300 or 400-level)
  3. Quaternity: 6 credits arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences must be upper-division
  4. Environmental Studies: 9 credits Natural Science& 9 credits Public Policy must be upper-division
  5. Global/Multicultural: 12 credits G/MC and 6 credits Area Studies must be upper-division
  6. A grade of C- or above required in all courses counted toward the major
  7. Maximum of 12 credits can overlap between our major and each second major and minor

*Asia, Europe, Latin America, Native American Studies or Women's Studies