Post Docs and Research Faculty

Jayaratne photo

Jayesha (Schamali) Jayaratne

Schamali is using rheology and Rheo-NMR to study wormlike micelle solutions and shear banding.

Mat Skuntz Photo

Matt Skuntz

Matt is using NMR techniques to observe fluid flow through a porous media composed of a phase change material.

Peng Lei

Peng Lei

Peng is conducting an NMR investigation of the microphysical structure of ice-regolith mixtures.

Quirine Krol

Quirine Krol

Quirine is working on unsaturated flow in porous media with a special application to melt processes in snow. 

Graduate Students

Maribelle Stanley lab photo

Maribelle (Mimi) Stanley

Mimi is studying active suspensions and complex fluids using Rheo-NMR.

Matt Young lab photo

Matt Young

Matt is using NMR to study structural features of heterogenous plant materials.

Matt Willett lab photo

Matt Willett

Matt is...