MSU media specialists, their beats and contact information follow. If in doubt, please call 406-994-4571 and you will be forwarded to the best person to help you.

Michael Becker, News Service Director

Michael Becker

News Director

   Culbertson Hall 435
Carol Schmidt

Carol Schmidt

Assistant News Director

Art, architecture, humanities, media and theater arts, music, English, psychology, sociology, political science, Native American issues

   Culbertson Hall 431
Anne Cantrell, Assistant News Director

Anne Cantrell

Assistant News Director

Nursing; education, health and human development; business, MSU Library

   Culbertson Hall 426
Marshall Swearingen

Marshall Swearingen

Communications Specialist

Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering

   Culbertson Hall 430

Meaghan MacDonald

Content Producer

   Culbertson Hall 430