Note: Thank you for your interest in ADVANCE Project TRACS, our NSF funded Institutional Transformational Grant which ended August 31, 2017. The pages that follow are historical documents for informational purposes only.

On April 15th, 2014, ADVANCE Project TRACS hosted the Campus Climate ADVANCE Data Charrette in the Leigh Lounge of the SUB. The major findings from the Fall 2013 ADVANCE campus climate survey were presented in a poster-session format and feedback, insights and questions were collected. Over 250 MSU Bozeman TT faculty and Department Heads participated in this second annual job satisfaction survey. The ADVANCE social science team presented findings on the changes in campus climate from last year, highlight selected institutional data, as well as present snapshots of data from interviews with faculty who left MSU and from those who went through P&T this year. We had over 75 individuals stop by and engage with the data. Below are the posters that were presented.

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Methodological Information

Institutional Data: Salaries and Start-Up

2014 Charrette  Institutional Data

ADVANCE Initiatives: Supporting All Faculty Members

MSU Faculty Job Satisfaction: A test of Self-Determination Theory

ADVANCE Initiatives Job Satisfaction

Infusing Psychological Need Support into Faculty Search Processes: Broadening the Search Experiment Results

Voices from the MSU Field during Major Faculty Transition Points

Faculty Search Faculty Transition