The goals of the Libby Risk Perception Project are to understand people's risk perceptions of asbestos exposure in the city of Libby, Montana, and the surrounding area. We hope to obtain a better understanding of how people feel about asbestos risks and the cleanup process. How people feel about risks in Libby is important, and we want people's opinions. 

    The study is being conducted by Jaime Gilden ( and Prof. Colleen Moore ( 
     Jaime Gilden grew up in Libby and graduated from Libby High School in 2011. Jaime is now a senior at Montana State University--Bozeman. This research is Jaime's senior thesis project in collaboration with Prof. Moore. 
    The study is funded partly by Montana INBRE (Idea Network for Biomedical Excellence). Montana INBRE is a grant from the National Institutes of Health to Montana State University. Part of Montana INBRE's work addresses environmental health and health disparities. We are grateful to Montana INBRE for helping make this research possible. Read more about Montana INBREhere
    Maybe you received a survey in the mail, or maybe you saw an ad for our study in the Libby Western News. Or if you haven't received a survey and would like to fill one out, email Jaime and we'll be happy to send you a survey:     Also, if you have questions, please email either one of us. In late January 2015 we'll be drawing for a $100 prize from among those who filled out the survey. We drew the first prize in late December, but we want everyone to have a chance to enter. 
    And thank you to those who have already filled out the survey. We will be in Libby sometime in April to present the preliminary results of the survey to the community.

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