PSYX 500 - Seminar

Topics offered at the graduate level that are not covered in regular courses. Students participate in preparing and presenting discussion material.

PSYX 501 - Advanced Research Design & Analysis 2

Further advanced topics in the design and analysis of psychological research (second course)

PSYX 502 - Advanced Research Design & Analysis 1

Advanced topics in the design and analysis of psychological research (first course)

PSYX 539 - Physiological Processes

Overview of research methods and relevant aspects of neurophysiology, neuroanatomy and neuropharmacology. Applications of prior work to the problem of discovery in biopsychology.

PSYX 541 - Cognitive Processes

Theories, methods, findings, and applications concerning memory and cognitive processes.

PSYX 542 - Learning

Principles and theories of learning and motivation. Topics include conditioning, learning, incentive motivation, reward and punishment. Application to organizational and human resource management problems.

PSYX 544 - Social Psychology

Advanced experimental and applied research and theoretical view points in social psychology. Topics include social perception, social cognition, attitudes & attitude change, social influence, prosocial behavior, interpersonal attraction, and group processes.

PSYX 545 - Organizational Psychology

Introduction to major concepts and theories in organizational psychology through examination of research, theory, and application in organizational psychology topics such as: organizational entry & socialization, leadership, motivation, group processes, conflict, job design, and personality.

PSYX 546 - Social Cognition

This course examines topics including group processes, mood and affect, decision making, discrimination, theory development, and leadership. The primary goal is to understand theory and research in social cognition.

PSYX 570 - Individual Problems

Directed research and study on an individual basis.

PSYX 580 - Special Topics

Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

PSYX 584 - Stress and Health

An interdisciplinary course that will consider the impact of stress on physiology, behavior and health. The lectures and discussions will be focused on the multidirectional relationships between psychological stress, biological processes, behavior and the social environment. 

PSYX 589 - Graduate Consultation

This course may be used only by students who have completed all of their course work (and thesis, if on a thesis plan) for a master's degree but who need additional faculty help or time.

PSYX 590 - Master's Thesis