Research Council Membership

Name Position Represents Term
Reijo Pera, Renee Chair VP for Research ----
Arlitsch, Kenning Member Deans Council 6/16
Bekkerman, Anton Member Agriculture Faculty 6/16
Christopher, Suzanne Member EHHD Faculty 6/16
Cloninger, Mary Member Department Head 6/15
Hilmer, Jonathan Member Professional Council 6/16
Idzerda, Yves Member Letters & Science Faculty 6/15
June, Ron Member Engineering Faculty 6/15
Kinion, Elizabeth Member Nursing Faculty 6/16
Kohler, Bern Member Faculty Senate 6/16
Leary, Myleen Member Business Faculty 6/16
Peyton, Brent Member Center Director 6/15
Ragain, Melissa Member Arts & Architecture Faculty 6/15
Whitlock, Cathy Member Center Director 6/14
Kearns, Chris Non-Voting VP for Student Success by position
Potvin, Martha Non-Voting Provost by position
Hoo, Karlene Non-Voting Dean - Graduate School by position
[To be filled] Member Community Member 6/15
[To be filled] Member Planning Council 6/15

Updated September 23, 2014