Meeting Times & Location

Lecture: 10:00-10:50 M, W (306 Lewis Hall)

Lab: 1:10-3:00 & 3:10-5:00 Th (407 Lewis Hall)

Course Description

Taxonomy, classification, identification, morphology, physiology, behavior, and ecology of birds. (Prerequisite: BIOO 310 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy). The lab portion of the course emphasizes the classification and identification of Montana birds using a representative skin collection and CD-ROM teaching software.

Grading & Exam Schedule

Your grade will be based on lecture exams (3 non-cumulative exams, 100 pts. each) and lab practicals (8 lab quizzes, 10 pts. each; & 3 non-cumulative exams, 100 pts. each).

Date   Lab 
Exam 1 Feb  22   Exam 1 Feb 16
Exam 2 Apr 03   Exam 2 visual ID - Mar 23
acoustic ID - Mar 30
Exam 3 May 01
4 p.m.
  Exam 3 visual ID - Apr 20
acoustic ID - Apr 27


  1. Gill, F. B. 2007. Ornithology. 3rd ed. W. H. Freeman and Co. 758pp.
  2. A field guide to birds. No specific field guide is required but you will need to have 1 of the following: Peterson's guide to Western Birds; Robbins, Bruun, and Zim's Guide to Birds of North America; The Audubon Society's bird guide; or National Geographic's guide to birds. The National Geographic's guide is certainly one of the best and is in the bookstore under BIOO 470. Required
  3. Lab manual: purchase at Cards ‘N Copies in the Student Union (~$10).
  4. Lab handouts for labs 4-12

Updated: 03/27/2017