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Graduate Students 

Current Students

Ray Buchheit, M.S. candidate - Blood parasite prevalence in emperor and cackling geese nesting on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (co-advisor: Joel Schumtz, Alaska Science Center).

Kyle Cutting, Ph.D. candidate - Breeding ecology of greater sage-grouse in southwestern Montana.

Adam Kehoe, M.S. candidate - Breeding ecology of white-headed woodpeckers in Idaho. (co-advisor: Vicki Saab, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Cody Deane, M.S. candidate - Harvest ecology and demographics of Lesser Scaup breeding in southwest Montana.

Matt Dresser, M.S. candidate - Nesting ecology of cavity-nesting birds in western U.S. forests affected by pine beetle outbreaks.   (co-advisor: Vicki Saab, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Paul Kanive, Ph.D. candidate - Population dynamics study of white sharks off the central California coast.

Terrill Paterson, Ph.D. candidate - Population ecology of Weddell seals in Erebus Bay, Antarctica.

Recently Completed Dissertations & Theses

Skone, B. 2014. An assessment of the usefulness of winter wheat for nesting dabbling ducks in North and South Dakota. M.S. thesis. 42 pp.

Chambert, T. 2013. Individual and environmental variability in a population of long-lived marine mammals. Ph.D. dissertation. 161 pp.

Kanive, P. 2013. Estimating apparent survival of sub-adult and adult white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in central California using mark-recapture methods. M.S. thesis. 23 pp.

Stauffer, G. 2012. Variation in temporary emigration and survival rates and implications for recruitment for female Weddell seals. Ph.D. dissertation. 137 pp.

Mosher, B. 2011.  Avian community response to a mountain pine beetle epidemic.  M.S. thesis. 55 pp. (co-advisor : Vicki Saab, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station).

Hockenbary, C. 2011. Exploring relationships among recreation, habitat type, and Mexican spotted owls on the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah. M.S. thesis, 76 pp. (co-advisor: David Willey, Montana State University)

Walker, J. 2011.  Survival of Duck Nests, Distribution of Duck Broods, and Habitat Conservation Targeting in the Prairie Pothole Region. Ph.D. dissertation at University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  (co-advisor: Mark Lindberg, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

Fields, S. P. 2011. Factors influencing the density and distribution of breeding waterfowl in north-central Montana.  M.S. thesis.  112 pp.

Cutting, K.A. 2010. Nutrient allocation to egg formation of lesser scaup. M.S. thesis. 74 pp.

Forristal, C.  2009. Influence of post-wildfire timber harvest on black-backed woodpecker (Picoides arcticus) nest survival and nest site selection.  M.S. thesis.  93 pp.  (co-advisor: Vicki Saab, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Hadley, G.L. 2006.  Recruitment probabilities and reproductive costs for Weddell seals in Erebus Bay, Antarctica.  Ph.D. dissertation.  128 pp.

Paugh, J. I.  2006.  Common loon nesting ecology in northwest Montana.  M.S. thesis.  90 pp. (co-advisor: David Willey, Fish  & Wildlife Management Program, Montana State University)

Carle, R.J.  2006.  Factors affecting nest survival of three species of migrant songbirds in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  M.S. thesis.  89 pp.

Sika, J. 2006.  Breeding ecology, survival rates, and causes of mortality of hunted and nonhunted greater sage-grouse in central Montana.  M.S. thesis. 118 pp.

Wisinski, C. 2006.  Survival and summer habitat selection of male greater sage-grouse (Centocercus urophasianus) in Southwestern Montana.  M.S. thesis. 76 pp.

Newlon, K.  2005.  Demography of Lewis’s woodpecker, breeding bird densities, and riparian aspen integrity in a grazed landscape. M.S. thesis.  101 pp. (co-advisor: Vicki Saab, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Warren, J.M.  2004.  Effects of cattle grazing on upland nesting duck production in the Aspen Parkland.  M.S. thesis.  74 pp.

Stephens, S. S. 2003.  The Influence of Landscape Characteristics on Duck Nesting Success in the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota.  Ph.D. dissertation.  169 pp.

Howerter, D. W.  2003.  Factors affecting duck nesting in the aspen parklands: a spatial analysis.  Ph.D. dissertation. 135 pp.

Schomburg, J.W. 2003.  Development and evaluation of predictive models for managing golden eagle electrocutions.  M.S. thesis.  98 pp.  (co-advisor: Alan Harmata, Fish  & Wildlife Management Program, Montana State University) 

Koons, D.K.  2001.  Lesser scaup breeding ecology in the Canadian Parklands.  M.S. thesis.  49 pp.

Oechsli, L.M.  2000.  Ex-urban development in the Rocky Mountain West: consequences for native vegetation, wildlife diversity, and land-use planning in Big Sky, Montana.  M.S. thesis.  108 pp.

Johnson, D.E. 1999.  Ruffed grouse productivity and habitat selection at the base of the Beartooth Plateau in southcentral Montana.  M.S. thesis.  86 pp.

Hoffman, N.J. 1997. Distribution of Picoides woodpeckers in relation to habitat disturbance within the Yellowstone area. M.S. thesis. 74 pp.

Thorpe, P.P. 1997. Temporal and spatial variation in habitat selection and movements of female mallards in the Parklands of Canada.  M.S. thesis.  52 pp.

Bacon, L.M. 1996. Nesting ecology of the interior least tern on the Yellowstone River, Montana. M.S. thesis. 69 pp.

Bosquet, K. 1996. Breeding ecology of sharp-tailed grouse on the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Montana. M.S. thesis. 56 pp.

Butler, M.A. 1996. The validity of using artificial nests to assess nest-predation rates in prairie-nesting ducks. M.S. thesis. 82 pp.

Clawson, M.R. 1996. An investigation of factors that may affect nest success in CRP lands and other grassland habitats in an agricultural landscape in southwestern Montana. M.S. thesis. 45 pp.

Podruzny, K.M. 1996. Radiotelemetry error: factors affecting bearing error and the ultimate effects of triangulation error on determining habitat use. M.S. thesis. 104 pp.

Zelenak, J.R. 1996. Breeding ecology of ferruginous hawks at the Kevin Rim in northern Montana. M.S. thesis. 74 pp.

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