Workshops will be provided for every employee at Montana State University as part of the OpenMSU Service Excellence initiative.


Open Enrollment Workshops:

  • May 14th from 1:30-4:30 PM SUB Room 235

Please check with your supervisor prior to registering. (Workshops need a minimum of 10 people to run).

Please register by clicking here:  HR Training Registration


Workshop objectives:

  • Introduce and explain the MSU Service Philosophy and Service Standards
  • Practice techniques and tools to improve service
  • Reinforce each individual employee’s role in delivering Service Excellence
  • Learn a common language of Service Excellence


How long is the workshop?

Three hours in length, offered in the morning or afternoon, or by shift as necessary.


How do we schedule a workshop for your department?

Contact to schedule a workshop in your department or to learn about open enrollment workshops available.


How many can attend a workshop?

Capacity for the workshops is 30 participants.


Who provides the workshops?

8 MSU employees are certified to facilitate the workshops.  For a list of workshop facilitators, please contact