Space Management Committee


Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Leist, Terry / Ex Officio Chair VP Administration & Finance - Perm.
Potvin, Martha / Ex Officio Vice Chair Provost -- Perm.
Reijo Pera, Renee Member VP Research & Technology -- Perm.
Asserson, Betsy Member Professional 1 2/18
Aytes, Kregg Member UFPB Chair - Ex Officio -- Perm.
Hietala, Bob Member Deans Council Representative 2 9/17
Kearns, Chris Member VP Student Success - Ex Officio - Perm.
Igo, Carl Member Faculty Senate 1 10/18
Lazetich, Milana Member Staff Senate 1 10/18
Sterman, Leila Member Faculty Senate 1 9/16
Fastnow, Chris Ex Officio Planning & Analysis - Ex Officio -- Perm.
Soares, Joshua Member ASMSU Representative -- Perm.
Banziger, Walt Staff Support Dir Fac, Planning Design & Construction -- ----
Drummond, Victoria Staff Support Facilities Planner -- ----
Campeau, Tony Staff Support Registrar -- ----
Hook, EJ Staff Support Facilities Services -- ----
Hume, Matt Staff Support Facilities Services -- ----
Lashaway, Robert Staff Support Facilities Services -- ----


Develop policies and plans in alignment with the University Strategic Plan and institutional priorities for allocations, conversions and growth; report on assignments and utilization of spaces; make recommendations to the President regarding university space.


Scheduled the first Friday of each month, from10:00 AM to Noon, in the Presidents Conference Room in Montana Hall.


All members and ex officios are voting; all staff support are non-voting.

Length of Term

Varies; for professional and faculty, 3 years.

Appointed By

Dean's Council, Faculty Council, Professional Council, and Staff Senate shall nominate candidates for the respective SMC representatives and forward them to the President for appointment. The ASMSU President shall appoint an ASMSU representative.

Chair Vice Chair
Current--Terry Leist
Title--Vice President for Administration & Finance
Appointed By--Position
Length of Term--Term of office
Current--Martha Potvin
Appointed By--Position
Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

University President

Reports Due

As requested

Membership; Updated September 29, 2015