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Our research spans the fields of solid-state, physical, and materials chemistry. We explore new synthesis routes to structurally and chemically tunable carbon-based materials with a chief interest in their application for energy storage. We have a special fondness for porous materials, especially those that push forward the frontier of how "porosity" is defined at a molecular scale. Contributing fundamental insights into gas and ion physisorption phenomena at the solid interface is also a goal of our work, using classical equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


We are now a "two year old" research group, having kicked off in January 2017. Lab rotations in our group are well underway and we are looking for team members with enthusiasm for hands-on projects ranging from gas manifold apparatus design/construction (some have jokingly called this "space plumbing") to classic solid-state chemistry (quartz-blowing and high-temperature synthesis). Gas adsorption measurements are a "bread and butter" activity in this group spanning almost all projects. Our theoretical department is also seeking keen minds with an interest in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics to answer frontier questions in adsorptive energy storage at high pressures. Our work covers a lot of different bases - rotate in and take a look!

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Grad Students:

Our group is seeking PhD students; if your interests are well-aligned with our activites, please contact Nick directly. For more information on pursuing a PhD in our department, check out the [Chemistry Admissions] page. Those interested in an interdisciplinary, materials-focused curriculum should check out the newly developed [Materials Science] program. Both programs are relevant to our group.

Undergrad Students:

We are very excited to host undergraduate projects that fall within the general outline of our work. This includes students from abroad seeking international laboratory experience in the western US (e.g., Master's thesis projects). Please contact Nick directly or stop by the lab.


We do not currently have an open postdoctoral position, but applications for funding would be enthusiastically supported in relevant cases.



  • Nov 9th 2019  DOE CTORA Project

    This weekend Nick is off to Golden, Colorado to mark the kickoff of a new research project funded by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) of the US Department of Energy (DOE). That is a lot of "Energy"! This project, referred to by our group as "CTORA", is aimed at hydrogen and natural gas storage in commercial, farming, and mining vehicles, which currently account for a large share of overall greenhouse gas emissions in the US. More information about the award can be found [here].



  • Oct 15th 2019  100 Years of Langmuir

    Chalkboard Langmuir Theory

    The cover of the current issue of Langmuir was designed by our very own Erin Hanson to commemorate the (slightly belated) centennial anniversary of Langmuir's equation for interfacial adsorption. We have tried to imagine what Langmuir's own chalkboard might have looked like had he measured gas adsorption isotherms on MOFs instead of glass, mica, and platinum. For more information about the cover, see [here], and for a review of Langmuir's legacy on the science of interfaces, see [here].

  • Oct 5th 2019  Borohydride Discussions

    This week, Nick and Devin are traveling (just next door!) to an international gathering on the topic of borohydride chemistry in Whitefish, Montana. While the gravimetric and volumetric energy density of this class of materials is undoubtedly high, the complex reaction pathways to release and absorb hydrogen are still being unraveled, and the role of impurities is ever important. Nick will present his work on the [supercritical N2 purification] of γ-Mg(BH4)2.


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  • Oct 3rd 2019  Magnesium Ion Storage in ZTC

    MIBs Schematic

    Manuscript accepted: we report the rapid, high-capacity storage of Mg2+ ions in bare zeolite-templated carbon (ZTC) as the cathode of a robust full-cell based on a Mg(B(HFIP)4)2 electrolyte. Neat magnesium metal serves as the anode, and the remarkable stability of this newly discovered electrolyte allows for a high average discharge voltage of 1.44 V and excellent capacity retention over hundreds of cycles. See more details about these battery-like devices [here].

  • [News Archive]


  • NOVEL GRAPHITE-LIKE MATERIALS   In 2016, we discovered a new direct synthesis route to bulk, high boron-content graphitic carbon... [continued here]


  • HIGH-PRESSURE HYDROGEN STORAGE   At pressures above 10 MPa (~100 atm) at room temperature, hydrogen becomes significantly non-ideal... [continued here]


  • ZEOLITE-TEMPLATED CARBON   Synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) within the pores of a zeolite template (a crystalline, microporous tectoaluminosilicate material), ZTCs are... [continued here]


  • NOVEL SUPERCRITICAL SOLVENTS   In 2014, we discovered nitrogen to be an effective solvent for the purification of porous, reactive gamma-phase magnesium borohydride... [continued here]


For a complete list see [here], or check out Nick's Google Scholar page [here].


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