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Our research spans the fields of solid-state, physical, and materials chemistry. We explore synthesis routes toward designable carbon-based materials with a chief interest in their application for energy storage. Contributing fundamental insights into gas physisorption phenomena at the solid interface is also a goal of our work, using classical equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


We are brand spanking new, having just started off in January 2017. Lab rotations in our group are already underway - we are looking for team members with enthusiasm for hands-on projects ranging from gas manifold apparatus design/construction (some have jokingly called this "space plumbing") to old-fashioned solid-state chemistry (quartz-blowing and high-temperature synthesis). Gas adsorption measurements are our "bread and butter." Our theoretical department is also seeking keen minds with an interest in how textbook thermodynamics and statistical mechanics can answer critical questions in alternative energy. Our work covers a lot of different bases - rotate in and take a look!

Work With Us!

Grad Students:

Our group is actively seeking PhD students - contact Nick directly. For more information on pursuing a PhD in our department, check out the [Chemistry Admissions] page. Those interested in a more interdisciplinary, materials-focused curriculum should check out the newly developed [Materials Science] program. Both programs are relevant to our group.

Undergrad Students:

We are excited to host undergrad thesis projects that fall within the general outline of our work. This includes students from abroad seeking international laboratory experience in the western US (e.g., Master's thesis projects). Please contact Nick directly.


We do not currently have an open postdoctoral position, but applications for funding would be supported in relevant cases.


  • Aug 11th 2017  "See You Later" Aziz and Jack

    We don't say goodbye, but rather "see you later" to Aziz and Jack as they head home after a very fruitful summer of research. Aziz learned to code in Python and developed a script for modeling adsorption isotherms and calculating the thermodynamic properties of the adsorbed phase. We are very excited to have a working tool for future experimental adsorption investigations at MSU, and even developed a new model along the way - we hope to report that model in a manuscript later this year. Jack successfully made graphene via the Scotch tape method and kicked off a new direction of research in our group with impressive and unexpected results. Thanks for being part of a very memorable summer guys!


  • Jul 27th 2017  Lab Opening Party

    Organized Tool Box

    We celebrated the hard work of everyone involved in setting up the new lab space by inviting the department to come by and take a look at our new toys (ahem, scientific instrumentation). By now, we are fully up and running in synthesis (thanks largely to Ryan, Emanuel, and Michael) and modeling capabilities (thanks Aziz!), Devin and Emanuel are cooking up lots of graphites, Julie and Jack are busy destroying them (the graphites), Hans is driving the 3-Flex daily, and Andrew already has the new CVD apparatus all rigged up for automated experiments. Keep up the awesome work! Check out our picture gallery [here].

  • Jul 5th 2017  Howdy Andrew

    Andrew Wilson, Labview and computer-speak extraordinaire, has joined us for two months to serve as the interpreter between human and machine in the new lab, as we barrel ahead with construction and commissioning of the CVD setup and the Sieverts apparatus (v3.0). Andrew finished his studies toward an MS in Physics at Cambridge in 2013, then served as a software engineer for several years, and has recently taken a permanent post as a software systems engineer at the Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire, UK. We are very lucky to have such a well-qualified scientist on hand to propel our new laboratory into operation!

         Andrew News Picture

  • Jul 4th 2017  First (Annual?) Fourth Float

    2017 Group Canoe Trip

    Devin and Emanuel successfully navigate the Madison into the Missouri, taking a well-earned lazy day off from the lab. Michael floats on his back somewhere out of frame... Happy Fourth of July!

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  • NOVEL GRAPHITE-LIKE MATERIALS   In 2016, three researchers at ETH Zürich discovered a new direct synthesis route to bulk, high boron-content graphitic carbon... [continued here]

  • HIGH-PRESSURE HYDROGEN STORAGE   At pressures above 10 MPa (~100 atm) at room temperature, hydrogen becomes significantly non-ideal... [continued here]

  • ZEOLITE-TEMPLATED CARBON   Synthesized by chemical vapour deposition within the pores of a zeolite template (a crystalline, microporous tectoaluminosilicate material), ZTCs are... [continued here]

  • NOVEL SUPERCRITICAL SOLVENTS   In 2014, we discovered nitrogen to be an effective solvent for the purification of porous, reactive gamma-phase magnesium borohydride... [continued here]


For a complete list see [here], or check out Nick's Google Scholar page [here].


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