The High Performance Computing Advisory Group, established in November of 2015, is focused on providing user-centric advice on high performance computing and related cyberinfrastructure services. The group provides technical guidance and advice on the configuration and operation of Montana State’s High Performance Computing ecosystem and assists with needs assessment and development of long-term strategy. The HPCAG group is advisory to the Chief Information Officer.


Faculty Members
Mark Owkes Mark Young
Erick Johnson  Martin Lawrence
John Sheppard Mensur Dlakic
Nicolas Yunes Michael Wright 
Doralyn Rossmann  
Technical Personnel
Jerry Sheehan  Josh Turner 
Jonathan Hilmer  

About Hyalite

The HYALITE Research Computing Cluster was installed in December, 2014.  It is a small cluster of 65 (XEON) nodes for 2120 HT cores and has 620 TB of Lustre storage. HYALITE is able to churn out about 18 tera-flops of raw computing power.