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Women's, Gender, and
Sexuality Studies Minor

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Location: 2-165 Wilson Hall

Minor Committee Co-Chairs:

Kristen Intemann

Bridget Kevane

Program Administratorr:

Kayte Kaminski

Current Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses

ANTY 337: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japan

ANTY 427: Anthropology of Gender

ANTY 441: Social Movements in Japan

FCS 263: Relationships and Family Systems

FCS 464: Gender, Race, Class, and Family Diversity

FCS 465R: Family Law and Public Policy

FILM 481: Advanced Studies in Film*

HSTA 407: Gender in US/Canadian West

HSTA 408 Gender in America

HSTA 409: Food in America

HSTR 408: Women and Gender in Islam

HSTR 432: Colonial Latin America

HSTR 434: Gender in Latin America

HSTR 443: Gender in Asia

HTH 220: Human Sexuality

HTH 455: The Ethic of Care

JPNS 325: The Other in Japanese Literature and Culture

LIT 335: Gender and Literature*

LIT 326: Victorian and Edwardian Lost Worlds: Race, Gender, Colonialism, Temporality

LIT 371: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in 20th Century British Literature*

LIT 438: Race, Sexuality, Xenotransplantation, and HIV/AIDS*

NASX 405: Gender Issues in Native American Studies

PHL 351: Philosophy and Feminism

PSCI 345: Contemporary Issues in Political Theory

PSCI 439: International Human Rights

PSYX 235D: Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality

PSYX 335: Psychology of Gender

PSYX 462: Psychology of Prejudice

RLST 321: Gender and Religion

SOCI 326: Sociology of Gender

SOCI 332: Sociology of the Family

SOCI 344: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

SOCI 368: Latino Migration

SOCI 370: Sociology of Globalization

SOCI 434: Sociology of Human Sexuality

SPNS 350: US Latino Cultures

SPNS 351: US Latino Literature

WGSS 491: Men & Masculinity

WGSS 494: Seminar in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Additional courses may be counted toward the minor with approval of the WGSS Chair(s).

*Denotes courses that may count towards the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor depending upon the instructor and/or topic.