Recruiting High School Students and Teachers for a

"Wild Virus Hunt"

The aim of this project is to engage high school students in a three-day basic virology laboratory course at Montana State University. A viral isolation team consisting of a high school science teacher and three students will be required to collect a 50-milliliter sample from their local wastewater treatment facility (written permission for sample collection is required). The students will bring these samples to MSU and each team will compete in a viral isolation contest against teams from other Montana schools. Each team will be instructed on how to use their wastewater samples to infect E. coli cultures, perform plaque assays, isolated viral clones, purify phages and visualize phages using transmission electron microscopy.

Interested in participating?

Questions can be directed to (Subject: MT Wild Virus Hunt).
Class size is limited and applicants will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
Application deadline is April 1st