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Kathy Attebury

FY2012 Investment Proposals


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IP11 - Doctor of Nursing Practice

IP6 - MFA Science and Natural History Filmmaking

IP5 - Music Technology

IP14 - Writing Center Director & Development

IP7 - Business Communication Competency

IP65 - Applicant Tracking System

IP66 - MSU Student Mental Health Support

IP47 - Content Management System

IP48 - Staff for Web Communications

IP4 - Sustainable Food/Bioenergy Systems

IP72 - Physical Activity Courses for Credit

IP52 - NCAA Compliance Assistants

IP15 - NA Student Advisor/Coordinator

IP18 - MSU Office of Sustainability

IP24 - Spatial Science Technology Support

Thursday, February 16, 2012

IP17 - Retention: Supplemental Chem Instruction

IP53 - Automation, Efficiency & Compliance

IP55 - Electronic Workflow & Document Imaging

IP56 - Eliminate $10 Fee

IP19 - Funding for Office of Student Success

IP32 - Student Relations Mngmt System & CourseSignals

IP63 - Romney Adaptive Reuse

IP57 - Lab Tech Inspection/Support Program

IP58 - Student Enviro Hlth & Sfty Risk Mngmt Coord

IP10 - Library Services

IP9 - Bioengineering Program

IP2 - Streamline Transit

IP1 - Taylor Planetarium Upgrade

IP23 - Base Funding for Undergraduate Scholars

IP3 - Economic Student Retention

IP25 - Centralized Faculty Modified Duties Pool



IP8 - Enhance Instructional Technology Education

IP12 - Assessment of Graduate Assistants

IP13 - Enhance Grad Ed/Infrastructure Support

IP16 - Science Learning Center

IP20 - Family Care Room

IP21 - Academic Persistence/Coaching

IP22 - Faculty Development

IP26 - Environmental Analytical Chemist

IP27 - Shakespeare in the Parks Admin Support

IP28 - Recruiting & Retention for all Majors

IP29 - VCB Photo Space Renovation

IP30 - Building Capacity for External Funding

IP31 - Indian Education for All Professional Develop.

IP33 - First Year Initiative: Discovery in GYE

IP34 - Ecology Field Research

IP35 - Distinguished Visiting Professorship

IP36 - Faculty Service Award

IP37 - BIOB160 Teaching

IP38 - Center for Visual & Performing Arts

IP39 - Sample Prep Facility

IP40 - Social Science Research Lab

IP41 - Statistical Consulting Center & Director

IP42 - Quantitative Laboratories for Scientists

IP43 - Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship

IP44 - Portuguese Language/Brazilian Studies

IP45 - Elemental Analysis Workstation

IP46 - Computational Facility Molecular Sciences

IP49 - Media Tracking Software

IP50 - Athletic Training Room Staff

IP51 - Athletics Marketing Assistant

IP54 - Increase Student Accounts Personnel

IP59 - Mandeville Creek Master Plan

IP60 - Student Gathering and Seating Spaces

IP61 - Electronic Directory/Information System

IP62 - Long Range Campus Dvlpmnt Plan Update

IP67 - Diversity Awareness Office

IP68 - Office of Community Involvement

IP69 - Funding for Energy Research Institute

IP70 - Management of Research Cyberinfrastructrue

IP71 - MSU Innovation Fund

IP64 - Classroom Technology Support