10am  Welcome by President Waded Cruzado    
10:10am Studies of the Nation's Health Care Workforce: Forecasts, Impacts and Policy Peter Buerhaus Nursing
10:20am Recovering Luxury from a Roman Villa: The Oplontis Project (2008-2018) Regina Gee School of Art
10:30am Genomics: At Play in the Genome and at Work for Plant Improvement Hikmet Budak Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
10:40am Seeking the Secret Life of Enzymes Patrik Callis Chemistry & Biochemistry
10:50am Conserving Large Carnivores in a Rapidly Changing World Scott Creel Ecology
11am The Flight of the Bumblebee: A Career Built on Curiosity Graham Austin Business
11:10am Controlling Stone-Producing Microbes: The Good Ones and the Evil Ones Robin Gerlach Chemical & Biological Engineering
11:20am Helping Montana Farmers become more Resilient to an Increasing Uncertain Future Bruce Maxwell Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
11:30am Wild Clay Research: Earth, Hand, Fire, Home Josh DeWeese School of Art
11:40am New Wheat Varieties for Montana Farmers Luther Talbert Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
11:50am Oh the Places You'll Go! Studying Chemistry with Photons in Hard to See Places Robert Walker Chemistry & Biochemistry
12pm Economics in the Policy Process: How an Economist Has Fun! Vince Smith Agricultural Economics
12:10pm Jurassic Genomes: How Evolution Shapes Genome Biology Chris Organ Earth Sciences
12:20pm Lasers and Cameras for Studying the World Around Us Joe Shaw Electrical and Computer Engineering and Optical Technology Center
12:30pm Development of New Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Mark Quinn Microbiology & Immunology
12:40pm Tiny Homes for the Homeless Ralph Johnson School of Architecture
12:50pm "Smart" Lenses and Other MSU Microtechnologies David Dickensheets Electrical & Computer Engineering
1pm Research with...: The Amskapi Piikani (Blackfeet) – Native Land Project Partnership Kristin Ruppel Native American Studies
1:10pm Crossing Borders Ada Giusti Modern Languages & Literature
1:20pm Microbes en Masse Phil Stewart Chemical & Biological Engineering
1:30pm The Immune System and Infectious Disease: The Journey of an Immune Cell Mark Jutila Microbiology & Immunology
1:40pm The Dyslexic Advantage Jeff Conger School of Art
1:50pm Increasing Diversity in Agriculture: Incorporating Livestock in Farming Systems Pat Hatfield Animal & Range Science
2pm Eating the Environment: A Scientific Journey towards Sustainability Selena Ahmed Health and Human Development
2:10pm How Sunlight Turns into Electricity in Tomorrow's Solar Cells Erik Grumstrup Chemistry & Biochemistry
2:20pm Curing Genetic Disease Using a CRISPR Scalpel for DNA Surgery Blake Wiedenheft Microbiology & Immunology
2:30pm I love economics. Here's why. Anton Bekkerman Agricultural Economics
2:40pm The Sun Shines at MSU Loren Acton Physics
2:50pm Unseen Yellowstone: Hot Microbes and Biotech Applications Brent Peyton Chemical & Biological Engineering
3pm Student Success: More than a Degree Tricia Seifert Education
3:10pm Literature and the Environmental Imagination Susan Kollin English
3:20pm We are Colonized by a Large Number of Microbes that Play Important Roles in Our Nutrition, Health, and Development Carl Yeoman Animal Range Science
3:30pm Tipo e Cinema Meta Newhouse School of Art
3:40pm Messengers for Health: A 20-year Research Partnership With the Apsáalooke Nation Suzanne Held Health and Human Development
3:50pm How to Connect the Brain Dots at the Nanoscale Anja Kunze Electrical & Computer Engineering
4pm No Information without Emotion: The Story Lesson Dennis Aig Film & Photography
4:10pm The Deep Cold Biosphere: Subglacial Life Fueled by Energy From Rocks Mark Skidmore Earth Sciences
4:20pm The Mechanics of Snow Ed Adams Civil Engineering
4:30pm Epic Immune Battles of History: Neutrophils versus Staphylococcus aureus Jovanka Voyich Microbiology & Immunology
4:40pm Iron, Radicals, and the Enzymes You Can't Live Without Joan Broderick Chemistry & Biochemistry
4:50pm The Experience and Science of Neurological Diseases Frances Lefcort Cell Biology & Neuroscience
5pm Finding a Novel Therapeutic for Influenza Using Tiny Test Tubes Created from Drops Connie Chang Chemical & Biological Engineering
5:10pm Designing the Fort Peck Buffalo Connections Trail Mike Everts School of Architecture
5:20pm Dinosaur Detecting David Varricchio Earth Sciences
5:30pm Use It or Lose It! Joint Mobility and Aging... Ron June Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
5:40pm Discovered Countries: My Travels with Shakespeare Gretchen Minton English
5:50pm How Do Cancer, Malaria and Mathematics Fit Together? Tomas Gedeon Mathematical Sciences
6pm Water and Waste: Microbes are Part of the "Solution" Matthew Fields Microbiology & Immunology
6:10pm The Unseen Sun Charles Kankelborg Physics
6:20pm Drinking Water Microbiology and Engineering: A 30+ Year Journey in 10 Minutes Anne Camper Civil Engineering
6:30pm The Science of Squishy Stuff: From Silly Putty to the Plaque on Your Teeth Jim Wilking Chemical & Biological Engineering
6:40pm The American Indian/Alaska Native Clinical and Translational Research Program: Engaging Community Voices for Health Native Nations Richard White Native American Studies
6:50pm The Science of Student Success David Singel Chemistry & Biochemistry