Bobcat Machine being operated by SBCF student and Research Engineer

Bobcat Machine

Custom stretch breaking machine designed and fabricated at MSU to stretch break single tow carbon fibers.

SB2 Machine installed at MSU

SB2 Machine

Custom stretch breaking machine designed and fabricated by Hexcel under previous SBCF efforts.  The machine is currently on loan to MSU from Albany Engineered Composites.  

ASC Autoclave being programmed for a run by SBCF Research Scientist

Composite Autoclave

ASC Process Systmes Econoclave® EC3X5


Knife over plate filmer in operation

Knife Over Plate (KOP) Filmer 

Filmer designed in house to manufacture thin resin film papers

CD6010 Machine in operation

CD6010 4-inch Research Combination Filmer & Prepreg Machine

Machine designed by Century Design Institute (CDI) to support the research, development and production of small, custom batches of films and prepregs

Belt compactor

Belt Compactor

Reliant Elite M90 Fusing Machine used to compact DTP into prepreg

3D printer

3D Printer

Intamsys FUNMAT HT desktop industrial high temperature 3D printer


Forming fixture used to test forming capabilities of carbon fiber tows and prepreg

Forming Fixtures

MSU has developed several unique fixtures and processes to quantitatively evaluate formability of composites under different conditions


Instron 8562 used for mechanical testing

Mechanical Testing Equipment

Instron machines including the 8802, 8501, 8872, 8511 and 8562 and several Mark-10 Universal Tests stands are used to complete mechanical testing of stretch broken and continuous carbon fiber composites.