Direct to Prepreg

The MSU SBCF Team continues to develops its proprietary Direct-To-Prepreg (DTP) process. The DTP process makes SBCF prepreg by combining the stretch breaking functionality within the workflow of a traditional prepreg line. This has proven to be a very elegant way to make SBCF and has demonstrated a number of advantages including:

  • Very high finished material quality
  • Enhanced manufacturing throughput
  • Robust process reliability
  • Advantageous cost effects

We are very excited to continue deploying the DTP process for making and supplying SBCF prepregs.

Single Tow

Single tow SBCF is generated in a spool-to-spool process, beginning with off-the-shelf intermediate modulus carbon fiber tow.  After unwinding and preparing it for the stretch breaking process, a sizing is applied as it is fed into our single tow stretch breaking machine (the Bobcat Machine).  Once stretch broken, the tow is dried in a conveyor oven and then rewound on a spool.  Over a dozen process parameters are monitored and/or controlled in a process that continues to mature and improve.