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This document lists the beginning math sequence for each major. Some majors require additional math courses, and some allow different sequences. See MSU catalog for complete degree requirements. Students needing developmental math, who pursue these majors, must follow the M063 path on the flowchart. Please see the Math Flowchart for course prerequisites for all math courses. Students with questions should talk with their academic advisor or an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (406)-994-3532.

M 171Q Calculus I and M 172: Calculus II

Biological Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry: Professional
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering: Bio-Resources Eng.
Computer Engineering
Computer Science: Interdisciplinary
Computer Science: Professional
Earth Sciences: Geology
Earth Sciences: Paleontology 
Earth Sciences: Snow Science 
Electrical Engineering
Financial Engineering
Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
Mathematics: Applied Mathematics
Mathematics: Mathematics
Mathematics: Statistics 
Mathematics: Teaching
Mechanical Engineering
Physics: Interdisciplinary
Physics: Professional
Physics: Teaching

M 165Q Calc for Tech I and M 166 Calc for Tech II

Construction Engineering Technology (also M 165 & M 166)
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Computer Science: Arts (and STAT 216)

M 161Q Survey of Calculus

Chemistry: Teaching (and M 151Q)
Secondary Ed: General Science Broadfield

M 161Q Survey of Calculus & STAT 216Q Statistics

Agricultural Business: All Options (and STAT 217)**
Animal Science: Science*
Biological Sciences: Conservation Biology and Ecology
Biological Sciences: Fish & Wildlife Mgmt*
Biological Sciences: Organismal Biology*
Biological Sciences: Teaching*
Biotechnology: Animal Systems*
Biotechnology: Microbial Systems*
Biotechnology: Plant Systems Option*
Business: All Options
Cell Biology & Neuroscience: Biomedical Science
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Economics** (and STAT 217)
Environmental Sciences: Env. Sci Option*
Environmental Sciences: Env. Biology Option*
Environmental Sciences: Geospatial & Env. Analysis Opt*
Environmental Sciences Land Rehabilitation Option*
Environmental Sciences: Soil & Water Science
Food & Nutrition: Nutrition Science
Kinesiology: Exercise Sci
Microbiology: Environmental Health
Microbiology: Environmental Micro Track (see advisor)
Microbiology: Micro Option
Microbiology: PreMed Track
Plant Science: Plant Biology Option*
Pre-Med Intake
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
*STAT 216 or BIOB 318
**M 161 or M 171

 M 151Q PreCalculus

Earth Sci: GIS & Planning Analysis (also STAT 216 & 217)
Architecture/Environmental Design
Kinesiology: Health & Fitness
Tech. Ed: Industrial Tech (also M 165 or STAT 216)
Technology Ed: Broadfield Teaching 

STAT 216Q Statistics

 Animal Science: Equine Science
Animal Science: Livestock Mgmt. & Indust.
Earth Sciences: Geography (and STAT 217)
Liberal Studies: Environmental Studies
Microbiology: Medical Lab Science Option
Nat Res & Rangeland Ecology - all options *
Sociology: All Options
Sust Food & Bioenergy Sys: Sust. Livestock Production

*STAT 216 or BIOB 318

M 121Q College Algebra & STAT 216Q Statistics

Environmental Horticulture: Horticulture Science*
Food & Nutrition: Dietetics
Hospitality Management: All options
Plant Science: Crop Science Option*
SFBS: Agroecology Option*
SFBS: Sustainable Crop Production*
SFBS: Sustainable Food Systems

PHL 236Q - Logic

Anthropology (and STAT 216)
Philosophy: All Options

M 121Q College Algebra

Environmental Horticulture: Landscape Design
Photonics and Laser Tech (Gallatin College)

M 121Q College Algebra & BIOB 318 Biometry

Agricultural Education: all options

M 132 Numbers & Operations and M 133Q Geo & Measurement

Elementary Education
Early Childhood Education P-3 Option

M 105Q OR ANY Q CORE MATH COURSE - ONE COURSE ONLY (unless otherwise noted)

Students needing developmental math whose major requires M 105Q Contemporary Mathematics (formerly M 145Q ), should take M 088 Mathematical Literacy in place of the M 063 - M 090 sequence. Please see the Math Flowchart for course prerequisites for all math courses. Also see the MSU catalog for complete degree requirements. Students with questions should talk with their academic advisor or an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (406)-994-3532.

American Studies
Art: Art Education K-12
Art: Art History
Art: Liberal Arts - Studio
Art: Graphic Design
Art: Studio Arts
Asian Studies
Associate of Arts/Associate of Science (Gallatin College)
Aviation (Gallatin College)
BFA: Integrated Lens-Based Media
Community Health
Design Drafting Technology (Gallatin College)
Early Childhood Educ & Child Services: Child Development
English: Literature 
English: Teaching
English: Writing
Health Enhancement K-12 Teaching
Human Development and Family Science: All Options
Human Development & Family Science Teaching
History: Science-Env-Tech-Society Option (SETS)
History: Teaching
Liberal Studies: Global & Multicultural
Liberal Studies: Quaternity (both options)
Modern Lang & Lit: French K-12 Teaching
Modern Lang & Lit: French and Francophone Studies
Modern Lang & Lit: German K-12 Teaching
Modern Lang & Lit: German Studies
Modern Lang & Lit: Hispanic  Studies
Modern Lang & Lit: Latin American & Latino Studies
Modern Lang & Lit: Spanish K-12 Teaching
Music Education
Music Technology
Political Science
Psychology (M 105Q,  STAT 216Q, or Level IV or V)
Secondary Ed: Social Studies Broadfield