Dr. Jovanka Voyich

Montana State University

Dr. Voyich-Kane was raised on a ranch in Livingston, Montana.  Jovanka is the daughter of the late Dr.Daniel Voyich who played a role in advocating and recruitment of Native American students within Montana State University. Jovanka has followed in his foots steps by advising and mentoring  many Native American Students who are in the MIcrobiology, Immunology, and Medical fields. Dr. Jovanka Voyich has taught infectious disease for over a decade in the  Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho ( WWAMI) medical school program. Jovankas primary area of study is Staphylococcus aureus, where her work is internationally known. Jovanka brings years of labratory experiences  and research capacity to the Team of AIAN CTRP Directors


Dr. Stacy Rasmus

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Dr. Stacy Rasmus Has a professional mission to promote American Indian and Alaska Native health and well being through research that is Indigenously-informed, community-directed and co-produced. Dr. Stacy Rasmus also serves the Alaska community by representing the Center of Alaska Native Health Research, where research opportunities are driven by community members.   Dr. Rasmus has brought a medical anthropology and psychology background to the team of well rounded directors for the AIAN CTRP. 
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Dr. Judith Kaur

 Mayo Clinic, Florida
 Judith Kaur, M.D, serves as the medical director for the Native American Programs in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.  Dr. Kaur is involved in national research and outreach programs to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Judith Specializes in women's cancer, where her research focuses on molecular markers in breast cancer in American Indian/ Alaska Native  women. Dr. Kaur brings a multitude of medical experience and knowledge to the American Indian/ Alaska Native Clinical and Translational Research Program.