Vision Statement

Inspiring homeowners to become organic farmers via geothermally heated and cooled greenhouses built in their backyards.

Project Description

Our idea was to show that anyone can convert half their garage into a greenhouse and grow their food in a net positive, geothermally heated and cooled greenhouse. This greenhouse would function 12 months a year, in Arizona summers or Montana winters, and would grow fresh, local produce. “Shopping local” has been a popular phrase in the last few years, but it does more than just support local business. Transportation and shipping costs create a huge carbon footprint when it comes to sourcing out-of-season produce. This greenhouse, if built, would counteract this by reducing monetary and pollution costs.

Frosty orchard final installation at NAH


Installation Video:

Also, check out this YouTube video of a Montana Barn Remodel into A Net Positive, Geothermal Greenhouse!

Frosty orchard - Final installationFrosty orchard - process image 4Frosty orchard - process image 1Frosty orchard - process image 2Frosty orchard - process image 3

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