Vision Statement

We envision a project that utilizes space, materials, and subject matter to create a visual dichotomy between current building methods and future ones in order to inspire conversation around the ideas of sustainability, environmentalism, responsibility, and possibility. We hope that the culmination of this experience will create a long-lasting impression on the viewer and inspire change moving forward.

Project Description

Our installation juxtaposes the current overshadowing, unsustainable building methods with the upcoming possibilities for more sustainable materials. The piece contains three pieces - a ziggurat-style mountain of found construction materials, a futuristic city crafted from biodegradable plastic and mycelium, and a video projection of the microscopic structure of mycelium. Pieces of rope, metal, wood, and plastic are used to create the stalagmite skeleton, which is sprayed with foam insulation to create a surface texture and quality reminiscent of abiotic mineralized stalactites and stalagmites. This larger sculpture depicts our past and current building practices, which casts a shadow over the smaller mycelial city, highlighting the struggle of new construction technologies to escape the shadow of our easy, unsustainable practices. The shadow will form from a projected video element mounted at a downward angle showing mycelium up close, in order to display the beginning stages we are at for developing these new construction materials. As a last homage to the future, our illuminated city is crafted from biodegradable plastic and mycelium. It uses cutting-edge AI to draw inspiration from the natural world and the innovative designs of Zaha Hadid and Vincent Callebaut. Each component works in concert to reinforce the message of sustainability and possibility moving forward.

Mycelium illuminated final installation at NAH


Installation Video:


Mycelium Illuminated - final installation 1Mycelium Illuminated -Process image 1Mycelium Illuminated -Process image 2

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