ASMSU Arts and Exhibits, situated at MSU's Exit Gallery, brings contemporary art and innovative ideas to the forefront, offering exhibitions, lectures, and workshops that engage and challenge both the MSU community and the broader public. This program plays a pivotal role in showcasing the creative talents of MSU students, alumni, faculty, and partners, while also providing a platform for professional artists to share their work and insights, thus fostering a dynamic environment for learning and connection with contemporary art and ideas. The gallery, open during the academic year, is a hub of artistic expression and intellectual exchange, aligning with MSU's commitment to educational excellence and cultural enrichment.



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The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the academic school year. We observe all MSU holidays and are closed for the winter break and the summer.

   Strand Union Building, Room 212
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Exit Gallery Spring 2024 Schedule


MSU Ceramic Guild: MSU's Clay Collective

Exibit Open: January 22nd- February 9th

Reception Date: January 22nd

All of the students in the MSU Ceramics Guild show their work, extenuating the similarities and differences of the students and their work in the ceramics program. An exploration of a medium.


Josie Parry: Long Road Home

Exibit Open: February 12th - March 8th 

Reception Date: February 12th

A mixed media installation with forms displayed both on pedastls and on the walls. This exhibit with explore modes of display of jewelry in order to elevate small castings into fine art, and explore the ways in which different modes of display cause us to relate the objects to our own body. This exhibit will allow space for both curiosity and self-reflection.


MSU Pop Up Show

Exibit Open: March 11th - April 5th

The show is a community pop-up featuring the creative voices of Montana State. 


Rachel Ingle: The Journey is The Destination

Exibit Open: April 8th- May 3rd

Reception Date: April 8th

I am in the graduate program at MSU and I’m looking forward to showing my work on campus and to practice putting together an exhibition for my thesis show.


Spring 2024

Art Market

April 10th & 11th

SUB Ballroom A

10am-6pm each day

Reception: April 10th at 8pm



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