The better you know yourself, the better you can see where your unique talents, skills, abilities, and interests line up with career choices that are more likely to be fulfilling. Self-assessment is a foundation for beginning to develop your passion and purpose through the design process. Set-up an appointment with a Career Education Coach or join a Career Design Studio to discuss where you are in your journey — your Career Education Coach will help you build a self-assessment plan to meet your specific needs.The following assessments can be helpful tools as you start to think about and incorporate information about yourself into your major and career choices.


You should speak with a Career Education Coach before taking the Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI assessments to ensure these are the correct tools for you. In order to receive your Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI results, you must meet with a Career Education Coach at Career, Internship & Student Employment Services. Please call 406-994-4353 or schedule your appointment in Cat Tracks.


Strong Interest Inventory ($30)

Assesses your interests and how those interests relate to occupations.