About Cell Biology and Neuroscience

The mission of Cell Biology and Neuroscience is to train students in a wide range of biological areas, with special emphasis on cell biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, physiology, anatomy and biophysics. Together, faculty and students in Cell Biology and Neuroscience study biological processes that span the continuum from single cells to the entire human body. Cell Biology and Neuroscience offers an undergraduate B.S. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, with Biomedical and Neuroscience options, as well as M.S. and a Ph.D. graduate degrees in Cell Biology and Neuroscience.


Basic research areas covered by Cell Biology and Neuroscience faculty include:

  • Molecular and Cellular Level Developmental Neuroscience (Bradley, Lefcort, Merzdorf)
  • Neurophysiology of Perception and Cognition (Gray, Mazer)
  • Biophysics (Kohout, Hughes)
  • Genetic Analysis of Neural Circuits (Stowers)