CBN Fast Facts

  • >300 CBN majors
  • >8900 SCH in 2018 
  • >700 SCH per faculty FTE
  • >30 majors per faculty FTE
  • 2 Goldwater scholars, 1 Truman scholar and 2 Rhodes scholar finalists 
  • >36 undergraduate research students in the last 2 years
  • introductory classes enrollment up >10% since 2017
  • highest retention rate in CLS – at university level
  • >$12,000,000 in open grants 
  • >$300,000 in grant expenditures per TT faculty – highest of CLS
    - 11 graduate students in the past 3 years, 6 current.
    - 9 doctoral and 2 masters students
    - All 100% funded (GRA, tuition and research) by external grant

Our Mission

The academic programs and scientific research interests in CBN cover a wide range of topics, with special emphasis on cell biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, physiology, anatomy, biophysics and neuroinformatics. Together, faculty and students in CBN study biological processes that span the continuum from single cells to the entire human body.

The mission of  Cell Biology and Neuroscience is to:

  • Provide pre-professional undergraduate students with a foundation of biological knowledge that prepares them for pursuit of careers in medicine and medically-related fields, biotechnology, biological research, biology teaching, and other related professions.
  • Provide MSU undergraduates with an understanding of basic biology sufficient to ensure informed participation in society.
  • Train, through our Ph.D. program, a new generation of biological scientists equipped to exploit advanced experimental and computational approaches to develop comprehensive understandings of complex biological systems.
  • Develop, through research, new knowledge in several key areas of cell biology and neuroscience.

If you are considering a career in the biological or medical sciences, please explore our website and please feel free to contact any of our faculty personally. CBN recognizes the value of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in our students, faculty and staff for achieving academic and research excellence. We are committed to providing an educational and work environment that is inclusive and respectful of all individuals, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.