Construction Engineering Technology students are encouraged to pursue a Business Administration Minor.  Course requirements and options are outlined below in a designed timeline for concurrent enrollment and timely completion.



 Business Administration Minor Courses
 Construction Engineering Technology Curriculum
 ECNS 202 Principles of Macroeconomics  Spring Freshman Year  
 BMGT 205 Professional Communication Fundamentals  Spring Sophomore Year  may sub. WRIT 201 or WRIT 221
 ACTG 201 Principles of Financial Accounting  Fall Junior Year  No Substitutions
 STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics  Fall Junior Year  No Substiutions
 BGEN 361 Principles of Business Law  Fall Senior Year  
 BMGT 335 Management & Organization  Professional Elective  
 BMGT 325 Principles of Marketing  Professional Elective  
 ECNS 204 Microeconomics   Additional
 ACTG 202 Principles of Management Accounting   Additional
 BFIN 322 Business Finance (pre-requ ECNS 204IS)   Additional
Note: Some courses have priority registration for student pursuing a Business major.  CET students who are unable to register are asked to contact the College of Business Student Services office immediately. Note: this should be done within the preceding semester registration period.