The purpose of an internship is to provide a real-life experience in your major, but to get that experience, you have to go through several interviews and be chosen as the successful candidate to receive a valid internship job offer.  Therefore, to make the process of interviewing more successful for you, a Code of Conduct has been created in the Department of Civil Engineering to establishprofessionalism and integrity in the interviewing and hiring process for a CE/CET 476 Internship.


The following codes will be followed to participate in a CE/CET 476 internship.  You may apply for as many internship interviews as you feel are necessary.

  1. You have to schedule your interview through the CE/CET internship coordinator even if you are using InterviewTraks with Career Services.  When using Career Services, you will be responsible for paying the $10 application/interview fee.
  2. You will dress appropriately for your interview.  Business attire is most appropriate.  NO jeans, tennis shoes cut off shirts, etc.  You have to be PROFESSIONAL.
  3. You need to take several copies of your resume with you to the interview as well as several copies of your references on a separate sheet of paper. 
  4. You must spend some time investigating the company and what the company’s specialties are and what they do in the engineering/construction industries prior to your interview.  >You need to be an informed interviewee.
  5. You have to be ON TIME to your interview.  If you need to cancel, you most do so through the internship coordinator by calling or e-mailing 24 hours prior to your scheduled interview time.
  6. After each interview, you will write a “thank you” letter to the interviewer and their company, thanking them for the opportunity to interview.  In this letter, if you are NO longer interested in this opportunity with this company, you MUST decline the job opportunity in this letter, otherwise, this letter signifies that you are interested in the position.  You have to send this letter out to ALL companies you interview with ithin 24 hours from the time of interviewing and a copy MUST be forwarded to the internship coordinator via e-mail or hard-copy within 24 hours as well.
  7. You need to interview genuinely, meaning interview with companies you are seriously interested in working for and whose eligibility requirements you meet.  Practice interviewing is misleading and a waste of time for the interviewer and prohibit as a part of this code of conduct. 
  8. When job offers start to come in, you need to PROMPTLY as possible respond to each job offer.  Promptly will be defined as within 72 hours of receiving the job offer.  If you are waiting on other job offers to arrive, you need to make the company who offered you the job aware that you are waiting on other job offers to arrive and deal with the situation in aPROFESSIONAL manner. 
  1. Once you accept a job offer, you should have every intention of honoring that commitment.  You need to write an acceptance letter to the company of acceptance within 24 hours.  All other companies who you interviewed with, regardless if they have offered you a job yet or not, you need to write a rejection letter to and this needs to be completed within 48 hours of acceptance and a copy of ALL these letters (acceptance & rejection) needs to be sent to the internship coordinator via e-mail or hard-copy within 48 hours after acceptance.
  2. All correspondence can be sent via US Mail or by e-mailing if you have the appropriate e-mail addresses. 

Send copies of ALL correspondence to:

Internship Coordinator:  Penny Knoll

Telephone Number:  406-994-6139

E-mail Address:  [email protected]