Qualifications / Criteria for Appointment

  1. Commitment to the mission of the CRRE through ongoing, collaborative, inter-disciplinary, and place-conscious research or service strengthening rural education and leadership locally, nationally, or internationally.
  2. Established academic and/or professional expertise in the field of rural education.
  3. Record of contributions to state, national, and global rural education through avenues such as research publications/ presentations/projects, provision of professional learning to rural educators, administration of rural education programs, contributing to the public awareness of rural education, leadership of professional organizations, or editorial responsibilities.
  4. Contribution to CRRE funded research and/or service.

Application for Appointment

Please submit:

  1. A current CV.
  2. A letter of application that articulates 1) how the applicant meets the CRRE Faculty Fellow qualifications and 2) how the applicant’s ongoing contributions will advance the scholarly work and service mission of the CRRE and MSU’s strategic goals.
  3. A sample of rural research publications/presentations/projects, or documentation of providing professional learning to rural educators, administration of programs, contribution to public awareness, leadership, or editorial responsibilities.

Applications for appointment as a CRRE Faculty Fellow can be submitted via email to [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed by current CRRE Faculty Fellows and decisions to appoint or decline will be decided by vote of the majority. Fellow appointments are dependent on Center capacity.