RMHP3's Supervision Methods for School Counselors

RMHP3 is hosting a live Zoom training on September 30th, 2021 at 4 PM> This training is focused on providing the methods and tools needed for supervising school counselors and it is completely free! To register, please email Kirsten Murray at [email protected]  For information regarding the training, please click on the following link to a PDF below. 

Upcoming Training: Supervision Methods for School Counselors:

Preparing Counselors for Montana's Rural Schools and Communities

"It has been a wonderful opportunity to see how something so important could get started and thrive in a rural town." - Damon, Counseling Intern, Cohort 1

Working to improve the preparation, retention, and overall numbers and effectiveness of mental health professionals for rural Montana. 

The RMHP3 is a cohort model that prepares graduate counseling students to participate and serve as counselors in rural communities. The graduate students are provided with preparation, a professional learning environment, and supervision to create sustainable and supportive mental health services in rural Montana. 


  • Increase the number of counselors in rural schools and communities from 3.7 per year to 10
  • Create a long-term sustainable model for best practice in preparation of rural mental health services in Montana and beyond. 
  • Foster safety and support in rural schools and communities for all community members. 

"I'm learning a lot working in a smaller community. I continue to learn new things every day in Ennis, and I am grateful to be at such a welcoming and supportive school." - Heidi, Counseling Intern, Cohort 1

Becoming Involved and More Information

For additional information, please contact Anna Elliott from Montana State University or Kirsten Murray from University of Montana information listed below 

RMHP3 Head Principal Investigators:

Picture of Dr. Anna Elliott

Anna Elliott

Assistant Professor
Montana State University
Graduate Coordinator;
Program Leader, Mental Health Counseling

   Herrick Hall 210E, Bozeman, MT 59717
   [email protected] 

Kirsten Murray

University of Montana
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Counselor Education 

   ED 337, 32 Campus Dr MS 6356, Missoula MT, 59812
   [email protected] 

Rebecca Koltz

Associate Professor, Department Head
Montana State University
Marriage and Family Counseling;
Gerontological Counseling

   Reid Hall 140, Bozeman, MT 59717
   [email protected] 

Jayne Downey

Montana State University
Center for Research on Rural Education
Rural Education; Educational Psychology

   Reid Hall 119, Bozeman, MT 59717
    [email protected]