Thursday, August 2, 3:30-4:00, SUB Room 233, Theme: Leadership

The Queensland State P-10/12 School Administrators' Association was established to support the eighty-three dual sector schools in Queensland. Eighty percent of these schools are relatively small and are located in rural and remote communities. While many of these schools' principals are generally experienced, their experience is restricted to only one sector - only primary or only secondary.

Recognising the need to support these instructional leaders, the association has established informal and formal mentoring programs and a well being program. The association's mantra or slogan is "Quality education in P-10/12 schools through excellence in leadership."  While the informal mentoring program is designed to assist principal in their P-10/12 schools, especially the recently appointed ones, the formal program is designed to prepare aspiring P-10/12 principal to better prepare them prior to application and subsequent appointment. Major components in this program are exploring community and industry partnerships, leadership of dual sector schools and a focus on the sector in which the aspirant feels a deficit.

Research has shown that the quality of a school's leadership has a profound impact on the quality of education and student outcomes in schools. The association's support programs therefore are important in providing support to P-10/12 principals on their leadership journey and in developing their sense of their well being.