We have been informed that the excitement building around ISFIRE 2018 has not gone unnoticed in the criminal community. Rural educators have received fake messages with the subject heading "ISFIRE 2018 - Center for Research in Rural Education." The body of the message states "You have been nominated to attend a three day all expense paid seminar and training workshop for Montana lecturers/teachers & university/school professionals taking place in Montana. Find enclosed seminar details and the registration process." The from and reply to addresses, as well as the names and affiliations on these messages, are all fakes. If you receive such a message, DO NOT open any attachments, DO NOT click any links, and DO NOT reply. Delete the message immediately.

There is nothing any organization can do to prevent criminals from sending out fake messages with that organization's name or logo on them. Certainly, your colleagues may communicate with you about ISFIRE, but any legitimate message from ISFIRE 2018 will come from a montana.edu address, usually [email protected] or [email protected]. If you reply to a message you believe is going to ISFIRE 2018, check your outgoing message to be sure the address is correct. This is wise practice no matter with whom you communicate.

All legitimate ISFIRE 2018 webpages have an address beginning with www.montana.edu/crre/isfire2018/. The ISFIRE 2018 registration page is at https://tofu.msu.montana.edu/cs/isfire_2018/registration and can be reached from the Registration link on any ISFIRE 2018 webpage.

While Bozeman is a peaceful and honest community, the Internet is the Wild West of our times. We want everyone to have a safe and pleasant ISFIRE 2018. Please exercise reasonable caution.