Thursday, August 2, 4:30-5:00, SUB Ballroom B, Theme: Profession

The Colorado Center for Rural Education (CCRE) was established in 2016. The Center convenes rural education agency partners to implement various pipeline projects to support the identification of rural educators, connects educator preparation program providers with regional rural school district partners to create innovative pathways for preparation, and builds capacity of regional partnerships to ensure sustainability.

This descriptive study provides outcome data regarding ongoing projects: Rural Teaching Scholars stipends for student teachers placed in rural school districts; Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification (CEEQ) and National Board Teaching Certification (NBTC) scholarships, and University/Rural School District Partnership mini-grants. The outcomes from these projects include the numbers of additional educators who elect to practice in rural school districts and the numbers of rural educators who commit to continue their practice in rural school districts. A variety of demographic and contextual variables are addressed in the analyses.

The Center has awarded 99 Rural Teaching Scholar stipends, 22 NEEQ and NBTC scholarships, and 7 University/Rural School District Partnership mini-grants to date. Preliminary findings will be shared that include the impacts on alleviating educator shortages in the state of Colorado.

Over the past six years, Colorado schools have experienced 15% growth in numbers of students being educated while the number of educators being prepared by educator preparation institutions has declined by 25%. The CCRE supports a variety of recruitment, preparation, and retention projects and activities designed to address the critical shortages of educators in rural school districts across the state of Colorado.

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