Friday, August 3, 10:30-11:00, SUB Ballroom B, Theme: Students

This interactive session is based on 6+ years of research with students, administrators, and staff from rural public school systems in 3 diverse states. Explicitly, the schools studied have boldly shifted away from the traditional time and text-driven method of teaching to a more fluid, self-paced model of learning identified as (CBE) competency-based education (United States Department of Education, 2014). Rural schools are the perfect incubators for this paradigm shift as CBE can/and should be individualized to meet the needs of each community whether it be in California, New York, or in any rural community abroad.

An overview of the rapidly shifting education landscape in the United States and abroad will be presented along with the stated need for this change from experts in the field of education. Participants will be introduced to the most highly recognized schools, districts, states, and countries currently developing, implementing, and/or refining their CBE paradigm shift.

Participants will actively engage with several learning tools used in CBE schools and will engage in an interactive survey and discussion. Information regarding the most respected publications and current trends in CBE will be available to attendees.