Friday, August 3, 4:30-5:00, SUB Ballroom D, Theme: Leadership

Rural education should be viewed with a lens of options rather than barriers. The opportunity to be nimble and creative is often overlooked when faced with the perception of obstacles in rural areas that may or may not exist.

This session will focus on proven strategies that strengthen rural education with a systemic approach. It will encompass crosscutting ideas that include all strands of the symposium themes to include:

  • Engaging community in authentic ways;
  • Growing the profession innovatively that results in retention;
  • Supporting and enhancing innovative and high leverage practices that result in student success;
  • Maximizing the impact of technology to ensure access to meet student interests regardless of their zip code or remoteness; and
  • Build internal capacity for leadership within the school districts.

Additionally, the session will consider how state and federal mandates can inhibit innovation and success in a rural setting. This requires that state policy makers and education leaders be well informed of the nuances of rural education as well as the potential. What our rural communities want from our leaders at all levels are partnerships and the intention to remove barriers instead of building new ones. Examples of success will be shared.