All users of the facility implicitly agree to a set of basic guidelines when using facility instrumentation. These guidelines are the minimum that are expected of users, and additional agreements may be decided upon by both parties as needed.

Instrument Care

  • All users of the facility must leave the instruments as they found them, in good working order. If a user violates usage policy and directly breaks or damages an instrument, that user will be responsible for any repair costs. If an instrument is left broken, the last user will be assumed responsible for any damage. If an instrument is broken in an unexpected way at the beginning of use, it is the user's responsibility to immediately notify facility staff.
  • All users must clean up their space after they are done. This includes returning all equipment to where it belongs, removing any samples or used supplies, replacing used supplies as expected, notifying the facility any issues or low supply stocks, and removing all personal items, tools, and samples from work areas.
  • If a user is uncertain about whether an action they are going to take will damage an instrument, or alter a calibration or setting that they are not authorized to alter, they are expected to immediately stop, and contact a member of facility staff.


  • Users are expected to cite the EM facility if it contributed to their publications in any way, including training on instrumentation that was then used at other facilities. These citations will help ensure that the facility is here to provide training, instrumentation, and support, in the future.
  • If users work closely with a member of facility staff on a project, they are expected to be viewed as collaborators. Please include them in attributions, and in relevant project meetings.