The D’Urso Lab is constantly looking for talented and motivated graduate students to join the group. We need you! If you are interested in available positions and possible projects, please contact Brian to setup a meeting or see information for prospective students.


The D’Urso Lab seeks to support 1 to 2 graduate student applications for an NSF Graduate Fellowship every year. These are very prestigious fellowships that can kick start a very exciting career in scientific research. Currently, graduate students must apply for this fellowship within the first few months of their graduate career, so the application must be developed over the course of summer prior to or the early fall of the first year of graduate studies. New and potential graduate students at Montana State University who are interested in applying to become an NSF Fellow should contact Brian to discuss potential project ideas.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Currently, we do not have any open postdoc positions. However, we are happy to support fellowship applications if you are interested in working with the group. Please contact Brian to discuss possibilities.

Undergraduate Students

The D’Urso Lab supports several undergraduate positions each year to expose motivated students to cutting-edge research in quantum optomechanics and precision measurements. Contact Brian for more information and available opportunities.