Montana State University enjoys one of the richest geologic settings in North America at the nexus of the Basin and Range, Laramide and Sevier tectonic provinces, and only 90 miles north of the Yellowstone Caldera. Geology field camps form across the country travel thousands of miles to map the spectacular geologic features that we consider our 'back yard'. Intensive field courses in basic geologic mapping and vertebrate paleontology carry on a proud tradition of outstanding field-based education dating back to the founding of the geology program in the years following World War II. we invite you to explore the field education offerings of Montana State.


Geological hammer

Geology Field Camp GEO 429 (3 cr.)

The MSU geology field course is a traditional 3-credit, mapping-intensive course. Students will map a variety of structures in sedimentary, metamorphic, plutonic and volcanic rocks in the unparalleled outdoor classroom of southwest Montana and neighboring areas of Wyoming, Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. Geology field camp is offered each summer with an enrollment of up to 35 students.

T. Rex Skeleton

Paleontology Field Camp GEO 419 (2 cr.)

A unique 2 week program emphasizing excavation, preservation and preparation of vertebrate paleontology specimens. Location varies from year-to-year. The paleo field camp is offered in even-numbered years.