Field Geology (GEO 429R) – 3 Credits

Course description

The MSU Summer Geology Field Camp is a rigorous 4-week summer field course focused on field mapping and data collection in a wide range of geologic settings. The course emphasizes time-tested methods and also includes an introduction to cutting-edge electronic mapping & data collection. Students will master geologic map-making and professional report preparation through intensive problem-based exercises. GEO 429R is a project-based research course and fulfills requirements for an upper division capstone field course in geologic mapping and field techniques.

Major Topics

  • Structural mapping of folded and faulted sedimentary rocks
  • Structural mapping of metamorphic rocks & associated ductile structures
  • Mapping of intrusive igneous (plutonic) rocks
  • Mapping of volcanic rocks
  • Geomorphology & surficial mapping of fluvial, glacial and tectonic landforms
  • Precambrian geology and tectonics of the Wyoming craton and Great Falls Tectonic Zone
  • Regional geology and tectonics of the northern Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone geoecosystem
  • Fold-thrust belt tectonics


GEO 429R is a junior/senior level  field course. Students must have successfully completed the following prerequisite courses prior to the start of field camp.

  • Earth History or Historical Geology (MSU GEO 211) - or equivalent 
  • Sedimentation & Stratigraphy (MSU GEO 309) - or equivalent
  • Geomorphology (MSU ERTH 307) - or equivalent (No longer required starting summer 2019)
  • Structural Geology (MSU GEO 315) - or equivalent
  • * Starting Summer 2019, Field Methods (GEO 428) will also be required


External (Non-MSU) Applicants:

We welcome applications from non-MSU students to attend our field camp. The number of external applicants admitted to our field camp will vary year-to-year based on the number of internal applicants.To apply, please complete the following steps: (1) Complete the following Google Form ( to apply. (2) After completion of the form, send Dr. Devon Orme ([email protected]) an email indicating you have applied. This email should contain the reason why you would like to attend MSU Field Camp. (3) After the Field Camp Directors review your application, you will be notified whether you are accepted or not. If accepted, you will receive instructions on how to apply to be a MSU non-degree seeking student. Please do not apply to MSU without completing the above form and contacting the directors. 


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