Spring 2024 Schedule





Beth Nelson
Instructor in the Department of Earth Sciences,
Montana State University

Bridging the Human-Environment Divide: A Geographic Examination of Energy, Migration, Politics, and Climate Change


Dr. Robbie Parks
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences,
Columbia University

Climate Change and Public Health: From Research to Action

Mark Skidmore
Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences,
Montana State University 

Greenland Ice Sheet biogeochemical processes


Hannah Dietterich
Research Geophysicist,
U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Volcano Observatory

Remote sensing for volcano monitoring and eruption dynamics in Alaska
2/15 Dr. Jeremy Patterson,
Hydrogeologist -Earth, Environmental, Planetary Sciences at Rice University 

Stiff, Smooth, and Solid?: Challenging Our Assumptions of Fluid Flow Through Fractured Rock 
2/22 Dr. Phillip Gopon,
Senior Lecturer in Geology & Economic Geology,
University of Leoben
Hidden in plain sight: Sulfides minerals and mine waste as a source of invisible metals
2/29 Sam Tuttle How well do we know snow? Emerging techniques to monitor snow and snowmelt
3/7 Narcisa Pricope (tentative) TBA
3/14 - Spring Break NONE NONE
3/21 TBA TBA
3/28 Chuck Bailey TBA
4/4 Behnaz Hosseini TBA


Brennan Radulski


4/18 Brian Pickles TBA
4/25 Sebastian Dalman New Ceratopsid dinosaurs (ornithischia: ceratopsidae) from the upper cretaceous de-na-zin member of the Kirtland formation, New Mexico: Evidence for high taxonomic diversity

Juan Carlos de Obeso 
University of Utah

MSA Distinguished Lecture Series
5/9 Gene Humphreys TBA

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