Fall 2021 Schedule




 August 26

No seminar--enrolled students only

 September 2

No Seminar


September 9

Paul Niles

Johnson Space Center, NASA

Mineralogical Legacy of a Cold Early Mars
September 16

Timothy McCleary

Little Big Horn College

Crow Cultural Landscape: Aps√°alooke Cultural and Historic Sites
September 23

Kailey Adams

Doctoral Candidate, Earth Sciences, MSU

The effects of topography and fire on hillslope sediment connectivity in southwestern Montana
September 30

Dr. Jessica Ulrich-Schad

Associate Professor of Rural Sociology

Utah State University

Natural Resource Dependency in the Rural U.S.--Social and Community Implications of Extractive and Non-Extractive Forms
October 7

Michael Sticknery

Director Earthquake Studies Office

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Historic earthquakes and recent seismicity in Montana
October 14

Giulio Panasci

Doctoral Candidate, Earth Sciences, MSU

Reconstructing Non-marine Ecosystems in the Dark Ages of the Cretaceous: The Next Frontier
October 21

Kristin Floress

Research Social Scientist

Forest Service Northern Research Station

Ecosystem Restoration at the Confluence of Ownerships, Administrators, and Disciplines
October 28

 Jingmai O'Connor

Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles

Field Museum

The importance of the Jehol Lagerstatten in understanding the evolution of modern avian physiology
November 4

Hilary Martens

University of Montana, Geophysics

Tracking Water Resources and Constraining Earth Structure with Space Geodesy
November 11

Veteran's Day--No Seminar

November 18

Elijah Adeniyi

Doctoral Candidate, Earth Sciences

Montana State University

The Exhumation History of Kevin Dome, Northwest MT, including the genetic origin of CO2 and other natural gas resources w/in its petroleum systems

November 25

Thanksgiving/National Day of Mourning*

No Seminar


December 2

Antonia Zambra

Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago,  Chile

Environmental interventions and climate change through a gender lens: The experience of female community leaders in rural Chile

December 9

Mariah Romero

Doctoral Candidate, Earth Sciences, MSU

Great Valley Forearc Basin

*The Earth Science Department recognizes and respects that while many cultures celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, many indigenous peoples observe this day as a National Day of Mourning


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