Spring 2022 Schedule




 January 20

No seminar--enrolled students only

January 27

Candidate for Human-Environment Position


February 3

Candidate for Human-Environment Position

February 10

Adrienne Mayor

Stanford University

Native Americans and Dinosaur Fossils


February 17

Dr. David Lageson

 Earth Sciences, MSU

Great 19th Century Surveys of the American West
February 24


March 3

Prof. Michael Reidy

Dept. of HIstory & Philosophy, MSU

A Vertical History of Bears Lodge/Devils Tower
March 10

Kelli Roemer

Earth Sciences, MSU

'It's because we have coal money': Community resilience, public services, and fiscal transition in a remote, Montana coal town
March 24

Stuart Parker

Post Doctoral Researcher, Geologist, MBMG

Linking Sevier and Laramide thrusts of the Idaho-Montana fold-thrust belt: No flat-slab needed
March 31

Dr. Michael R. Glass

University of Pittsburgh

Seeing like an Infrastructural Region—Technology, Industry, and why the Future Never Arrived
April 7

Megan Saalfeld

Earth Sciences, MSU

On the Rise: Magma ascent preceding caldera-forming eruptions
April 14

ESCI Student Colloquium 


April 21

Kiersten Formoso

Doctoral Candidate in Vertebrate Paleomorphology

University of Southern California

Assessing the role of ancestral terrestrial morphology on the land to sea transition in secondarily aquatic amniotes

April 28

Lauren Tierney

Senior Graphics Reporter and Cartographer 

The Washington Post

Mapping and data visualization at The Washington Post 

May 5

Rebecca Kramer

USGS, Vancouver, WA

Operations at the Cascades Volcano Observatory: Geophysical Networks, Lahars, Jackhammers, and Geodesy

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