We are excited to offer strength across the field of Earth System Science with special attention to areas that take advantage of our unique mountain setting in Bozeman, Montana.  Our faculty includes 13 full-time earth scientists, geologists, and geographers and our student body includes about 50 graduate students and over 200 undergraduate majors.  A complimentary staff of roughly 20 adjuncts, research professors, affiliates, and support personnel are an invaluable asset to our departmental community for learning, discovery, and engagement. We are proud to offer degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and PhD levels.

Our department takes the Montana State University tagline “Mountains and Minds” quite literally.  Our faculty, staff, and students use their minds for learning and discovery in the scenic and rugged mountains of southwest Montana, as well as in mountainous areas and rural landscapes around the nation and worldwide.   Earth Science students have many opportunities to participate in field trips that facilitate the study of earth processes, earth resources, earth history, and environments that people have modified. We invite you to further explore the opportunities to engage with our programs.


For assistance in identifying minerals or fossils, please visit our resources page here: http://www.montana.edu/earthsciences/mineral-id.html