The MSU field camp relies on student drivers to drive some of the university and rental vehicles used for the course. Students with valid driver licenses and clean driving records are encouraged to apply. We need to have at least two drivers for each vehicle... about six to eight student drivers total. Student drivers need to be approved to drive university or rental vehicles.

If you volunteered to be a driver:

Before Field Camp

  1. Check the expiration date of your driver's license to ensure that it will be valid for the entire duration of field camp.
  2. Verify that you have a clean driving record. this means that you cannot have 12 or more conviction points within the last 36 months and must have noconviction for DUI.
  3. There is currentlyno requirement for training to drive vehicles with a capacity of less than seven persons. This is normally the case for student drivers in field camp.
  4. Make a photo copy of your driver license.

First day of field camp

  1. Read, understand and sign the MSU Student Vehicle Use Agreement.
  2. Provide a photo copy of your driver license to field course staff.


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