About the Economics Program

The program focuses on teaching students to think, use logic and reason, and organize their thoughts in order to solve problems rather than simply memorize and recite subject matter. Courses also focus on instilling the desire to learn within students, so they will leave our courses prepared and eager for lifelong learning. 

The courses also focus on instilling in students a desire to learn, so that they will leave our courses prepared and eager for lifelong learning.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Economics involves:

  • The use of economics as a means of understanding current economic activities and problems and their relationship to our social environment.
  • Study of critical decision-making behavior. It is a mode of thinking and reasoning with widespread application. The skills that employers value most highly are the ability to think critically and carefully, the ability to learn new skills and the ability to solve problems.
  • The need for people who can think, learn and solve problems is timeless. 

Degrees Offered

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics offers the following degrees:



Work in diverse fields such as:  

  • Actuarial Science
  • Investment Banking
  • Securities Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Insurance and Law
  • Politic Policy
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Government and Academia


Our graduates have parlayed their economics bachelor's degrees into a wide range of career fields. Placements within the past few years include:

  • Investment Analyst at Klipbook LLC
  • Financial Advisor at Equitable Advisors
  • Casualty Associate Broker at WTW

Some have leveraged their bachelor's degree to advanced education opportunities through master's programs, law schools and professional training programs. These include:

  • Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy

  • Masters of Economic Policy Management from Columbia University
  • Master's of Economic History at The London School of Economics 


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Source:  American Economic Association