Below is a table of the Academic Support Resources. For further questions, please contact Senior Assistant Dean Kayte Kaminski at [email protected] or call 406-994-4135.

Academic Support Resources

(coursework content, balancing study time and time management, motivation issues, basic skill requirements), financial concerns/issues, disability, major/program concerns

Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success

  • Office of Financial Education
  • Career, Internship & Student Employment Services
  • Tutoring Services, Success Advisors

177 Strand Union Building | 406-994-7627
[email protected]

Office of Disability Services

  • Disability access and accommodations (alternative text request, note taking requests, etc.)

180 Strand Union Building | 406-994-2824
[email protected]

EHHD Advising

  • Education: 132 Reid Hall, 406-994-1880
  • HHD: 218 Herrick Hall, 406-994-4001
  • University Studies: 130 Gaines Hall, 406-994-3532

Writing Center

  • Review of essays, presentations, scholarship essays, etc.
  • Initial brainstorming help to final revisions
  • By appointment or walk-in

3 Locations: 1-114 Wilson Hall, Library 1st Floor, 207 Romney | 406.994.5315
[email protected]

Math and Stat Center

  • Free drop-in math tutoring
  • Instructor and course-specific schedules posted on website

220 Romney Hall

[email protected]

 MSU Study Abroad

  • 250+ study abroad programs in 60+ countries
  • Provides support, resources, and advising to students wanting to study abroad

[email protected] 

American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Services

  • Student Commons
  • Advocacy and networking
  • Student success support and advising

135 American Indian Hall | 406-994-5529
[email protected] 

Veteran Services and Support Center

  • VA education benefit information
  • Services and programs
  • Scholarships, academic options, and support

136 Romney Hall | 406-994-3661
[email protected]

McNair Scholars

  • Dedicated to supporting 25 sophomores and juniors annually who are first generation, low-income, or from historically minoritized backgrounds
  • Contact McNair Scholars for application process guidelines

405 Reid Hall | 406-994-5072
[email protected]

TRIO Student Support Services

  • Dedicated to supporting students who are low-income, first generation, and have disabilities
  • Contact TRIO for application process guidelines

314 Reid Hall | 406-994-7455
[email protected]



Non-Academic Support Resources

(mental health issues, homesickness, relationship (roommate, significant other., family, etc), general adjustment, sexual assault, physical/health concerns, etc.), issues that may affect classroom attendance and well-being)

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • FREE confidential counseling to students
  • Works with students with a variety of concerns and issues
  • Crisis or distress/emergency assistance
  • Group counseling

211 Swingle Hall | 406-994-4531
24-hour community crisis help line: Call 988

Student Health Partners

  • Services include medical, dental, immunizations, nutrition, travel health, wellness coaching, alcohol and other drug support, and education
  • The MSU Pharmacy sells both prescription and over-the-counter items, and provides education and counseling on proper drug usage, disposal, interactions and side effects.

Swingle Building east of the SUB | 406-994-2311 

Bozeman Help Center

  • Provides 24/7 crisis lines for anyone who is in crisis, suicidal, concerned about a loved one, or needs to talk
  • One of three crisis centers in Montana that answers the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
  • Provides advocacy, referral information, outreach, and support

For non-crisis support: Call 406-586-3333
Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Call 988

VOICE Center

  • 24-hour free and confidential services for all people impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking
  • Services also available for friends and family of survivors

370 Strand Union Building | 406-994-7662
24-hour support: Call or text 406-994-7069

Bounty of the Bridgers Campus Food Pantry

  • Initiative to combat food waste and food insecurity for MSU students, faculty, and staff
  • Pop-up and permanent food pantry services
  • Check website for current hours and locations

1102 S. 6th Ave. (Entrance off Arthur St.)
[email protected] 

Office of Student Engagement/ASMSU

  • Supports over 200 clubs and organizations!
  • The hub for students wanting to be involved in student government, community engagement, student organizations, and campus programs and events

221 & 222 Strand Union Building | 406-994-2933[email protected]

Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons (DISC)

  • Identity resources, programs, and events
  • DISC is a community of folks prepared to provide support students need

368 Strand Union Building | 406-994-5801
[email protected]

Office of The Dean of Students

  • Student safety and welfare (support for extenuating circumstances, behavioral intervention, etc.)
  • Support and consultation for faculty and staff
  • MSU Care Referrals - Submit if you are concerned about the wellbeing of someone in the campus community

174 Strand Union Building | 406-994-2826
[email protected]

University Police

  • 24-hour full-service police force
  • Safety escorts across campus
  •  Jump-starts and vehicle unlocking
  • Parking services
  • Campus crime alerts and reporting

7th Ave. and Kagy Blvd. | 406-994-2121

See something? Say something. Share anonymous tips through the Silent Witness program at [email protected] 

Off-Campus Life Office

  • Offers assistance with finding housing, navigating food/housing insecurity, managing a financial crisis, and working through a legal dispute
  • Offers information on community resources including transportation, child and infant care, etc. 

268 Strand Union Building | 460-994-7571
[email protected]



Senior Assistant Dean of EHHD

Should other issues arise or if there are questions on any of this information or how to navigate through these university resources, or if troubleshooting or a conversation is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Kayte Kaminski, Senior Assistant Dean/Director of Student Success in EHHD (250 Reid Hall, 406-994-4135, [email protected])