Below is a table of the Academic Support Resources. For further questions, please contact Assistant Dean Kayte Kaminski at [email protected] or call 994-4135.

Academic Support Resources

(coursework content, balancing study time and time management, motivation issues, basic skill requirements), financial concerns/issues, disability, major/program concerns

Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success

  • Office of Student Success
  • Office of Financial Education
  • Career, Internship & Student Employment Services
  • Tutoring services
  • Success advisors

177 Strand Union Building 406.994.7627

[email protected]

TRiO Student Support Services

  • Low income
  • First generation
  • Students with disabilities
  • Application process

314 Reid Hall


[email protected]

McNair Scholars

  • Targeted at underrepresented populations
  • Sophomores and juniors, a 2-year program for students who want to go on to graduate school
  • Application process

405 Reid Hall


[email protected]

Office of Disability, Re-entry and Veteran Services

  • Disability access and accommodations (alternative text request, note taking requests, etc.)
  • Support for students returning to college
  • Veteran educational benefits

180 Strand Union Building 406.994.2824

[email protected]

Academic Advisors

  • Education Advisors
  • HHD Advisors
  • University Studies Advisors (undecided majors)

Education- 132 Reid Hall 406.994.1880

HHD- 121 Hosaeus Fitness Complex 406.994.4001

University Studies- 130 Gaines Hall 406.994.3532

Writing Center

  • Review of essays, presentations, scholarship essays, cover letters, etc.
  •  Initial brainstorming help to final revisions
  • By appointment or walk-in

1114 Wilson Hall


[email protected]

Math and Stat Center

  • Free drop-in math tutoring
  • Instructor and course-specific schedules posted on website

2214 Wilson Hall


[email protected]



Non-Academic Support Resources

(mental health issues, homesickness, relationship (roommate, significant other., family, etc), general adjustment, sexual assault, physical/health concerns, etc.), issues that may affect classroom attendance and well-being)

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • FREE confidential counseling to students
  • Works with students with a variety of concerns and issues
  • Crisis or distress/emergency also available

211 Swingle Hall


24-hour community crisis help line after hours- 406.586.3333

VOICE Center

  • 24-hour free and confidential services for all people impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking
  • Services also available for friends and family of survivors

370 Strand Union Building 406.994.7069

Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons (DISC)

  • Provides support and training to the university community for multicultural awareness, prejudice education and practical resources for diversity issues

368 Strand Union Building 406.994.5801

[email protected]

MSU CARE Program

  • The CARE Referral gives MSU community members a way to express concern about a person by submitting an online form and connecting them to resources. 
  • Please submit a CARE Referral if you are concerned about the wellbeing of an MSU student or employee who may be a danger to themselves or a danger to the community.

Contact: Amber King, Assistant Dean of Students
[email protected]

Office of Student Engagement/ASMSU

  • The HUB for students who want to be involved in student government, student organizations, programs and events
  • CrashPad- safe, accessible, temporary housing assistance
  •  For students interested in service to the community


221 & 222 Strand Union Building

406.994.2933[email protected]

Bounty of the Bridgers Campus Food Pantry

  • Initiative to combat food waste and food insecurity on the MSU campus for faculty, staff, and students
  • Pop-up and Permanent Food Pantry Services

Permanent Pantry: 1102 S. 6th Ave

(Hours: Wed. 11am-1pm, Thurs. 4-6pm)

Pop-up Pantry: 1218 S. 15th Ave

(Hours: Sat. 2-4pm)


Office of The Dean of Students

  • Academic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, multiple submission, other academic dishonesty)
  • Behavioral misconduct
  • Student safety and welfare (support for extenuating circumstances, behavioral intervention
  • Support and consultation for faculty and staff

174 Strand Union Building 406.994.2826

[email protected]

University Police

  • 24-hour full-service police force
  • Safety Escorts across campus
  •  Jump-starts and vehicle unlocking
  • Parking services
  • Campus crime alerts and reporting

7th Ave and Kagy Blvd. 406.994.2121

The Center for Recovering Students

  • A community for students in sobriety, their allies and those looking to gain or maintain recovery for addictive disorders
  • Support for students through counseling, mentorship, a sober community of students, and recreational opportunities

1215 Gopher Ct. (In Family/Graduate Housing) 406.994.5937[email protected]

Assistant Dean of EHHD

Should other issues arise or if there are questions on any of this information or how to navigate through these university resources, or if troubleshooting or a conversation is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Kayte Kaminski, Assistant Dean/Director of Student Success in EHHD (250 Reid Hall, 406.994.4135, [email protected])