Although no community asks for the good and bad that can come unexpectedly with energy development, there are actions that can be taken within communities once resources are discovered and they start moving down this path. Communities can set up systems to be prepared for all the media and research requests that will be coming their way. They can also think ahead about reciprocity - what they might need and be able to ask for in return for their cooperation with the media outlets and researchers. Having some kind of plan in place in the community to deal with the influx of requests can preemptively take some of the pressure off.

How Communities Can Prepare for Requests from Researchers and the Media


Julia Haggerty helps community members think about how to prepare for interaction with researchers and the media during phases of intensive industrial development. (Video length: 2:17)

Williston Sunset

Sunset behind Williston, North Dakota



Julia Haggerty discusses reciprocity - how can researchers give something back to the communities in which they are working. (Video length: 1:24)